Emus and Aviculture

More time off, please enjoy these things I created in the past.

Fun Emu Facts Quiz

See how many of these you can answer before looking at the answers below.

1.               The Latin name for emu is ___________________________.

2.               Emus are the largest bird native to ____________________.

3.               In Arthur Phillip’s Voyage to Botany Bay, published in 1789, the species was named ______________________________.

4.               Emu breeding colonies were set up on Maria Island off Tasmania and Kangaroo Island near South Australia during the 20th century. Which colony, if any, survives?

5.               What is the top speed an emu can reach?

6.               What do you feed to an emu?

7.               The average size of an emu clutch is _____________________.

8.               Is a clutch of eggs is incubated by mom or dad?

9.               How tall are emus on average?

10.            What is the market price for emu meat?

Answers to Emu Quiz:

  1. The Latin name for emu is Dromaius novaehollandiae
  2. Emus are the largest bird native to Australia.
  3. In Arthur Phillip’s Voyage to Botany Bay, published in 1789, the species was named New Holland Cassowary.
  4. Kangaroo Island emus survived.
  5. The emu can sprint at 31 miles per hour for a short distance.
  6. Emus eat plants and insects.
  7. Eleven eggs are average, with as many as twenty possible.
  8. The male will brood the eggs, and stops eating, drinking, or defecating until just before the chicks hatch.
  9. They stand 59 to 72 inches, and about 3 to 4 feet at the shoulder.
  10. Ground emu meat can be had for $4.50 per pound.

Ten Signs You Might Be an Aviculturist

By Demi Hungerford

1.   You’ve asked your family to bear witness that the house WAS clean for a second or two before the feathers and seeds started falling again.

2.   You own a Shop-Vac, but don’t have a shop.

3.   Your dishwasher is often full of bird dishes.

4.   You have an extra crock-pot for “soak.”

5.   You think there is nothing sadder than an empty birdcage.

6.   You have two wardrobes: Bird Clothes and Outside Clothes.

7.   You have been chastised at Disneyland for noticing the sparrows and ducks and mud hens.

8.   You have two groups of friends: “Okay around birds,” and “Don’t invite to the house.”

9.   Bird food is a higher priority than people food.

10.   You can’t understand why people think breeding birds should be profitable.

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