Europe Bird Shows and Fairs


The Netherlands are home to a huge bird show called the Dutch Bird Fair. Their web page is impressive, even if not too easy to understand. There are overnight accommodations available, because it’s a two-day event. some of the exhibitors are photographers, bike companies, and travel agents. It’s more of a fair for people who want to do bird watching, not so much breeding and pet care. Still, it looks like it would be fun.


The International Ornithological Association was formed in 1955 by the Roller Canary Fancy to enable them to contest their birds with their European neighbor. IOA-COM.UK’s web page has reports from bird shows around the world, A yellow agate dimorphic pastel canary won best in show at the Gibraltar Bird Breeder’s association last November. The World Show was held last January in Belgium, and showed 23,543 birds. Imagine that! Of course, these are mostly canaries and finches, but still, what a sight!


Also in Belgium is the Gouden Ring Show, in December. Members of the IOA-COM-UK sent 197 birds to be entered in the exhibit. The UK team won their first ever gold medals, both with Fife canaries of superior type.


In England/UK, bird shows often mean falconers and such, but the Parrot Society UK holds three shows per year at the Staffordshire County Showgrounds. The web page has lots of great information about pet parrots but the show is not for buying and selling pets. It’s all about breeding. The list of birds to be shown ranges from grass parakeets to macaws. The picture gallery is worth a click. They also produce an eMagazine called Bird Scene.


Cage and Aviary Birds is a weekly newspaper, still being printed and sent out to subscribers in the UK. However a digital version is now available, and it appears the organizers of this rag are keeping up with modern trends.



Here’s a list of the subjects they cover: Bengalese Finch, British birds, Budgerigars, Canaries, Cockatiels, Gamebirds, Lovebirds, Parrots, Parakeets, Poultry, Raptors and Owls, and Waterfowl.



It’s sad that since Bird Talk magazine stopped printing, the US has nothing like this publication. And you have to visit many web sites to cover all those topics.


E.M.B.B.A. bird events sale day seems to be closer to the bird marts I know. At the Neward and Nottinghamshire showground, the price has stayed the same for the past 10 years, which seems to be a big selling point. Also, if you breed birds, you can’t afford to miss the show!


Moving over to Australia, the Sydney Royal Cage Bird Show now features classes for African Lovebirds, Parrots, Canaries, Finches and Budgerigars. For years these birds were classed with pigeons and poultry, but now have their own section. The show is partially sponsored by Vitafarms, so I imagine some supplies will be sold there.


The Avicultural Society of Australia (ASA, not to be confused with Aviculture Society of America ASA) has selling events throughout the year listed on their web page.


I know that society finches were first bred in India, and it seems to me that with the abundance of birds in that country, bird shows and bird marts would be everywhere. I searched briefly, and found this amazing blog on how to train finches! The author states that birds are very popular right now, but vets are not easy to find who know about birds.


This blogger shares the going price of parrots in India, and notes that he is not in the business of selling or buying, just giving information. In spite of that, one commenter asks about buying the white-faced cockatiels in bulk.


This web page gives some history of the keeping of pet birds in Japan. Interesting that birds were seen as angels, almost, being able to fly between heaven and earth.


I don’t really know how to describe this page. Just take it with a grain of salt or bird seed.


The above mentions a small bird fair, but nothing comes up for me when I search that name. Oh well, guess I will just have to accept that it exists.


I also know from past conversations on Yahoo groups that there are many bird keepers in North Africa, but again I am not able to bring up much information on that. I will see if I have any information left on the Yahoo groups, and may post more on a future blog.


In closing, I want to say that I visited the San Diego Bird Mart yesterday, and found the site to be beautiful and not that difficult to access. Vendors seemed happy with the set-up, and were allowed to choose their spaces. I found a cage I would love to have, and if time had permitted, would have found the female ringneck parakeet for my male. But alas, neither time nor money permitted indulgences, and these purchases will have to wait for a while, perhaps next year.


I spoke with one vendor later in the day who stated she did very well selling her birds and cages. The day was a success for her. In the morning, a vendor we see regularly at many shows had said the last Pomona Everybody’s Bird Mart was dismal, and he only made half of what he usually makes. It’s possible the organizer may give up the business.


I do hope the vendor was wrong, because the Pomona event is important to many of us. But if that happens, and this new site for the San Diego Bird Mart was successful, perhaps the North County Aviculturists will consider doing two marts per year, and we can build on the hard work of Jill Thorburn and her committee. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?



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