Sunday Matinee

I don’t watch much television, but if a channel existed that showed only funny bird videos, I could be persuaded to do so. Maybe.

I’m cheating a little this week because I have a busy schedule, and I want to explore a possible second post of this blog mid-week, posting links to my favorite videos. So here are some I want to share with you today.

This ringneck dove isn’t just waking up this cat, he’s courting her. Or him. The cat is pretty patient, and looks like the claws have been removed. Caution is always needed when letting your pets play together, but sometimes there’s magic involved.

I have a loud Amazon DYH parrot, whose rantings sometimes annoy the female CAG parrot. She tells him to knock it off. This video of a macaw putting his foot up to his beak and shushing other birds is great.

A beautiful kitten learns a healthy respect for an African Grey parrot.

Cockatoos have so much personality, and it can show in many ways that we find funny. This one I like because the bird is in such good health, obviously loved and well cared for.

Maybe they evolved from cats instead of dinosaurs?

Behaviors I see in my birds include simulating the one-sided phone calls, like this guy. And calling the dog.

Cockatiels can be good talkers, too, and fall into the category of birds with great personalities.

As this video shows, they can be trained to do lots of tricks.

Even normal bird behavior can be funny, as in these two Indian Ringnecks who have a lot of fun with a cell phone.

Caiques personify cute and playful, as this video shows.

To conclude, I leave you with this charming video of a young man home from college after some time, and how the pets he grew up with, especially his cockatoo, remember him, love him, and want to be loved in return. Have a great week!


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