Spring Clean Fling Part Two

Taking up where I think I left off, we’ll talk about cleaning the three larger parrot cages and the outside aviaries and flight cages. However, I have made a change to one of the cages I discussed last time. My lovebird Jake has moved to a smaller cage today. If it works for him, then he may stay in it. If he doesn’t like it, I’ll clean the old cage and reinstall him in it. The most curious thing for me is a new waterer I gave him. If he can figure it out, then it will stay with him. http://birdcages4less.com/page/B/PROD/Small_Bird_Cages/PA5683 cage
http://birdcages4less.com/page/B/PROD/Feeders-Waterers/PA2542 waterer

Maynard will be next, as he is extremely tame and easily handled, well, by me. His cage is relatively new and easy to clean, so there will be minimal time for him to be in a different cage. A couple notes about his cage, we don’t use the skirting because we walk in to them in an amount unequal to the good they do. Also, the wood dowel that came with the top play area had very little traction to it. So Mike took it off and we got a knobby, curved branch and wire-tied it to the metal supports. Maynard quite likes it. http://birdcages4less.com/page/B/PROD/Medium_Bird_Cages/PA5703

Next would be Blind Io, because his cage is small and easily cleaned. But moving him is going to be traumatic. He’s gotten so much better with us, and the attention we give him. He likes to get his beak touched before we go to bed, and he makes smooch noises until we comply. He also has gotten very calm about me touching his feet when I feed him, because I tell him what I am going to do and I stop when he gets too unhappy. He does not like to have his cage moved for cleaning behind or under it. Wrapping him in a towel and shoving him in a totally unknown cage will not be his favorite way to spend a warm spring day. However, if I think I can get the cage clean enough by just removing the grate and then the tray, that’s a possibility. I can’t find an exact duplicate of his cage, this is about the closest: http://www.birdcagecentral.com/senegal-dometop.htm Remember to discard the skirting, and think of it as narrow, with a square door and a good 8 inches of dome above the door. The done is a simple curve, not the fancy one in the photo. And the top does open, but Io is too scared of it.

Bo Dangles will be another challenge. She is an aggressive bird, and none of the tips I have read and tried have worked with her. She does allow me to groom some of her head feathers for short times. At one point I was taking her out of her cage and letting her play chihuahua on the floor. But I had to keep my feet up or get bitten. And her cage is an enormous iron thing to which we have added wooden trays to replace the ones that had been there at some time, I guess. We have laid plastic trays over them and cage sides for a grate. But she has had her wicked way with them, and the entire bottom could use a revamp. We were using wooden shelves covered in carpet. But A. she chewed the shelves to bits and B. she poops so much that the carpet needed cleaning daily. Now we have a metal shelf and we just removed all the carpeting. A couple times a day, the shelf is wiped down. She’s not too sure she likes this.

Bobo has the disadvantage of not being able to perch, so often she hangs by her beak and stumps and poops down the side of the cage. So the whole thing needs to go out and be hosed, brushed, and so on. This http://www.birdscomfort.com/cage_hacienda.html is probably as close as I will get to the cage, but the door on her cage is bigger, you have of course already removed the skirting in your mind, and there are no opening for food and water dishes. There are hoops inside, permanent structures, for that purpose.

Hey, looks like I have talked myself into a third part of this. The outside cleaning is simple, but I don’t want to make this any longer right now. Otherwise I may never get the cages cleaned. Have a great week, see you on Sunday!

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