Something About Birds

I bet you think I forgot to post today! You’d be mostly right. I remembered overnight, and had a rough time sleeping, but could not get up to write at the time. And I had to get my blog about writing out first, so I ran out of time.

I thought I’d post about bird watching or migrations, like that. San Diego is an awesome place to watch for birds. We have everything from the pelicans and water fowl at the beaches to the birds of prey in the mountains, and everything in between. Including the odd little road runner. Not entirely flightless, it’s still not the nemesis of coyotes as portrayed in certain animated offerings

The humane society where my husband and I volunteer to walk dogs one night per week is at the base of some impressive hills. We have had the pleasure of seeing beautiful birds there. Most recently, we saw a vulture at the side of the drive into the buildings. It lifted up as we passed, just a few feet from our car. Breathtaking. and

Not long ago, we observed a western bluebird, drinking from a hose bib. The dogs and humans ere allowed to get pretty close without interrupting this activity. Obviously we saw a male.

There are some adorable finches with very orange heads, almost red. These are the house finch, a native to the area.

While not limited in range to my area, the red wing blackbird is prominent in the walks around lakes and rivers here.

But probably my favorite bird to look for is the common mallard duck. Once you see them in flight, you will always recognize that ungainly body and wings that seem too small. Here, they come in the fall, and in early Spring, you will see the strings of ducklings following around behind the parents. Did you know that almost all domestic ducks are descended from these hardy stock? Funny how common companions can be full of surprises.

We get lots of Canada geese these days, too.

And we have egrets and herons that nest here. We see loads of humming birds, mostly Anna’s and killdeer pretending to be injured to lead you away from a nest.

There are over 500 species of birds on San Diego county, and you’d have to be crazy to not notice them. Did you know that there are only two species of parrots that migrate? No, they aren’t in Southern California. They migrate seasonally, not just in search of food in random patterns. How cool is that?

See you on Sunday!


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