More Budgie Goodness

(Hooray, finally got a photo of the aviary to put up!)

The bird in the Guiness Book Of World Records for the largest vocabulary is a budgie. Sadly, he took his nearly 2000 word vocabulary to the Rainbow Bridge.

I thought I had seen a film about Puck, but can’t find it right now. Here’s a cute budgie talking away:

And many more: , ,–H2Pbc , , , ,

And an English Budgie. You can tell by the forehead and the accent.

Disco has long been a favorite of mine:

Here’s how budgies communicate without using human words:

I hoped to see this when I checked the nest box today: which will lead to this: but while there are five eggs in the next, Diller didn’t start sitting on them until last Wednesday. So another week of patient waiting.

If you don’t want to talk to your budgie, maybe you just want the bird to entertain you:

The biggest problem here is that someone will see these cute videos and think a bird straight out of the pet store will act the same way. I think of a friend who has an adorable love bird, very playful and sweet. A neighbor who bird sat for them fell in love with “Mo” and bought a love bird of his/her very own soon after. The new lovebird looks exactly like Mo but has a totally different personality. Luckily for the bird, the new owner takes full responsibility and provides the lovie with a great home.

If you buy a budgie, find one from a breeder, be sure the bird has been hand fed and well socialized. Expect the bird to have an adjustment period when you bring him or her home. Not all birds talk or learn tricks. Not all birds stay tame, especially if you put them in a cage and don’t let them out to interact with you.

As I have said before, get the biggest cage you can afford. Provide the best diet you can, even if you pluck dandelion greens from your yard to supplement seed and pellet.

Wing clipping is controversial, and I understand both views. But when taming a bird, the wings should be clipped. This means do not allow your bird to be out when cats, dogs, or bigger birds are also out. Once you have bonded with your bird, however, you can judge if the ability to fly is positive or negative. Be sure to keep doors closed and windows screened or closed whenever full flighted birds are out. We often ask people to step around to the back door if the birds are flying. Also ask people and children to be careful with the birds if they don’t mind the budgie landing on them. And keep Poop-off wipes handy.

Give your birds access to a supply of calcium at all times, but especially during mating seasons. Fresh water daily, with a little iodine and apple cider vinegar is esential. Some budgies love to bath, as you see: And some prefer to roll around in wet greens and leaves: (Love the dog in this one)

And that reminds me of a few more details. Trees rarely grow with their branches all the same size, and all smooth like dowel perches. The perches that come with a cage are not the best for your birds. Get the most natural perches you can afford.

Dishes should not be placed under perches where feces will fall into the food. Covered dishes are good but be sure the bird is not afraid of it.

And finally, toys fill in the time between play with you. I don’t recommend mirrors because the budgie may think it’s a real bird, and want to bond with it instead of with you.

There you go! Have a great week, and I will be back on Wednesday.


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