Shopping Spree

I Miss Magnolia!

Okay, I may have told you before that Magnolia Bird Farm in Riverside is the Disneyland of bird stores. There’s cages for sale, seed, supplements, dishes, nuts, greens, hand-feeding formula, and BIRDS! Really, they have birds for sale at the bird farm!

Not only do I miss going to the bird farm and seeing the huge lizards in the outside aviaries, but I miss driving up there with my husband, taking back roads and avoiding the freeways. We have seen some beautiful stretches of land as we pick different routes each time.

We haven’t been in a very long time due to the high price of gasoline, and the lowered standard of living the Republicans think will magically make a job appear out of nowhere. Sorry, this is not a political blog, thank the Creator!

Instead, we make do with seed from the Escondido Feed and Pet Supply, a very nice place that has bought finches from me in the past. They have an awesome cat, and chickens in pens outside. They also have rabbits and the occasional guinea pig. (It’s a nice store, they just have a low-tech, really derpy web site)

For more specific bird needs, we visit A Bird Haven, which is a sister store to Our Feathered Friends. While not quite up to Disneyland level, it is like one of those smaller theme parks where miniature golf is played. We have gotten to know some of the staff there pretty well, which always makes us feel good about a store.

One of our friends from A Bird Haven opened his own exotic birds and plants store a few years ago. Golden Sun is fun, crowded, and full of some unusual birds. It’s a bit out of the way for us, and every trip there is special.

When we get to travel south of here, we look forward to stopping at a number of bird stores. Omar’s Exotic Birds is one of a chain, but the place is always clean and lots of friendly staff make sure the birds are happy. My bird club had the pleasure of listening to Omar speak on Bird Behavior. He’s certainly in the right business.

Also in San Diego is a newish store called BirdSmart. Be sure to watch the video, it’s adorable! I haven’t been into that store yet, but in its former life as Bird Crazy, I had the pleasure of several visits.

So on my wish list right now is a trip to Magnolia Bird Farm. But in the meantime, I’ll go wherever the birds hang out. See you on Sunday!


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