Babies in the Nest Box!

At last, we got a decent photo of the hatchlings in the nest box. Mama is so proud, and there are still two eggs left that might hatch. Dad goes in the nest box sometimes to feed her, but most of the time he is standing guard outside.

I love that we can see the age difference between the chicks, even at a day or so apart. Budgies in the wild lay lots of eggs, the eggs hatch quickly, the chicks grow rapidly and fledge pretty much ready to go off on their own. This behavior evolved due to the harsh and dangerous land where they come from.

This link has lots of good information about budgies: and of course Uncle Wiki is also useful:

My budgies are standard, not English, but someday I would love to be breeding the English budgies again. They are so laid back, and as budgies are normally not very jittery, this says a lot! Here’s a look at the difference between the two body types: Scroll down to the photo under the heading Breeding. The larger bird on the left is English, the one on the right, Standard.

We’ve also noticed that most of the Australian birds, cockatiels and budgies primarily, are not scared off the nests by humans poking around and sticking cameras in the boxes. I’m hoping in a week or two to actually pull the chicks out once a day and love on them. I’ve done this in the past and always had good relationships with the chicks and fledglings.

Here’s an excellent page on budgie body language:
And this is a great site with information on budgie temperament:

Check back when you can for more updates on these babies and the parents. See you on Sunday!


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