The Terrible Trio

We have three birds in the house that are crazy. Really, they are ready to kill at various times. Good thing the humans are bigger than they are. And we can get them into their cages without getting bitten.

The first to arrive was Zazu, a sun conure. At five years old, his owner, a woman, had passed away. The husband didn’t ever let Zazu out of his cage, and decided to rehome him for free. I was just at the beginning of my bird crazy collecting days, and made the arrangements to pick him up, bring him home, and set him up here. After we got home, I put him on a perch stand and sat nearby, talking to him. Za didn’t seem relaxed, and maybe I should have given him a day or two before trying to interact. Oh well. I stuck my hand toward him, saying “Step up!” He went into velociraptor mode and bit me. Bleeding ensued.

Mike came in to see what happened, and picked up Zazu as if he’d lived with him for years. Sigh. So that was the end of my interaction with Zazu.

Some years later, after we had acquired Sunny, a female sun conure, someone contacted us about taking in a half moon conure. (Certain pet stores and club members knew us and would refer people to us) The woman had found the bird in her back yard a couple years before, and as she worked for a veterinarian, she had a well bird check-up performed and got his sexed determined. She called him Bad Boy because he would chase and bite anyone who came near him. She did a bit of traveling in her occupation, and could no longer find anyone who would willingly watch the bird for her without being paid a small fortune, having her provide health insurance, and indemnity if they had to kill the parrot.

We took him in and he and I got along pretty well, but he did not like Mike at all. Even with his wings clipped, he would launch himself off the top of his cage and attempt to attack. We called him BB, which morphed into Beeby. I hate seeing a bird live alone, so I introduced Esme, our green cheek conure, to his cage. Either it was love at first sight, or she kicked his feathered butt right off the bat. I love seeing them cuddle and preen. Esme will chase Beeby away from us when he tries to attack now.

Yes, the golden days of Beeby tolerating me ended when he demonstrated that he could fly once more. There was no way to keep him from attacking Mike or other birds, so we took him to the local bird shop to have a trim. I had been told early on that you should not trim the wings of your own parrots, because they will remember and resent it. The only way we could have maybe not soured my relationship with the bird would have been to arrange for a brave soul to pick him up, take him for the trim, and bring him back. Maybe. He figured out that we were standing around waiting for the job to be done, so we were to blame.

The last of this crazy trio is Maynard, my double yellow headed Amazon parrot. To me, he is sweet, trusting, loving, bonded, and a joy in my life. Mike, however, is competition for my attention, which will not be tolerated. Mike gives Maynard snacks all through the day. Maynard gets excited when Mike is in the kitchen, cooking. But when Mike walks by the cage without food, Maynard lunges and growls. What a brat!

So we have one bird who only likes Mike, one bird who hates everyone, and one bird who only likes me. Luckily we have a bunch of sweet babies that love everyone, such as Jake the love bird, Sunny the sun conure, and Creamsicle, the cockatiel. Enough personalities to populate a sitcom, and keep us smiling. Here’s a cute video about entertaining birds.
See you on Sunday with more traveling through books.


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