Dream, Dream, Dream

Escapism comes in handy some days. I try to keep a positive attitude, most of the time, but sometimes the circumstances are stronger than I am. Once more, we face the possibility of losing all our flock and having to move into an apartment. While we do what we can to create a better outcome, and our miracle gathers momentum to get here, I have been dreaming of the beautiful parrots I’d love to share my life with. (If you would like to help, please click here: http://www.fundme.com/en/projects/5063-This-would-make-a-great-novel )

Of course I’d love to have a cockatoo, just about any species, although I really love the little bare-eyed ones. Pros of this parrot include they are usually love sponges, velcro birds, and members of the family from day one. Cons, well, loud is not as much of an issue when we already have 4 sun conures, but because the ‘toos can have separation anxiety and also might be difficult to keep occupied, they tend toward self-mutilation. http://www.mytoos.com/

I’m mentioning the Black Palm Cockatoo separately because I didn’t know they existed until maybe a dozen years ago. I turned a corner at a local bird mart, and there were 6 or 7 beautiful black ‘toos playing catch, drumming, and in general acting like little aliens who mean no harm to our planet. They seem to have all the same pros and cons as bleached cockatoos. http://www.all-pet-birds.com/black-palm-cockatoo.html

Have you had the joy of watching a pair or more of fig parrots hanging upside-down somewhere? I had that pleasure at a friend’s private collection, and became so enchanted with the darling birds that I put them on my dream list. I don’t really want to have one as a pet, it’s much more fun to see them doing their own thing. In fact, I’d love to see them in their natural habitat in New Guinea. I could take them off my list then. But I may settle for a painting of them from the man who has the ones I first saw. https://beautyofbirds.com/figparrots.htm http://gaminiratnavira.com/Tropical1-38.html

I had the pleasure of bird sitting for a friend who has a lorikeet. Odd story about this bird, she was at a pet store in the local mall. Mike and I stopped and looked at her, played with her, and I thought some day I would want a lori. Then this friend says she got a lori at the mall! Same beautiful bird, and I got the chance to know her better. Bella is a beauty, and clever. She says kiss, kiss, and Good night, and Mama! And she hops around on one leg while carrying the favorite toy of the minute along with her. So that’s the pro side. The cons, well, you have to be able to find the special nectar food lorikeets eat. And to afford it. Plus you need to be able to deal with the liquid poops. The cons, well, they can be aggressive to other birds and some people. They are smart and will need to be kept entertained through foraging and toys. They can be loud. Before deciding to adopt a lorikeet, go to any of the many zoos that have lorikeet landings and listen. The ones at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, back when it was plain old Wild Animal Park, would land on an arm and drink the nectar from a cup. When the cup emptied, the birds would nip the arm or hand, squawk, and fly away. https://www.petco.com/assets/caresheets/bird/lory-and-lorikeet.pdf

The Golden Conure, also known as the Queen of Bavaria conure, is a beautiful creature. Positively stunning. Imagine my surprise some years ago to find someone in the parking lot at my office with two of these parrots. You see, I work at a welfare office. These birds are worth thousands of dollars. The mind does boggle from time to time. And maybe the guy with the birds had only been giving a ride to a friend. The pros of goldens includes being able to talk about “my queen,” the extreme beauty of the parrot, and the wonderful conure personality. The cons, as with almost all conures, includes the noise, the destructive chewing indiscriminately, and the price tag. $3200 for one bird.


No, that’s not the end of the list by any means, but have other writing chores to do. I will post something quick on Wednesday, and get back to Dreamland next Sunday. See you then.

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