Bird Song: A Parrot’s Perspective

Human ears usually like canary song and other song birds. I have met some who don’t care for the trill, but I like it. Test your tolerance with this great video:

But bird song, in fact all the noises made by birds, are not designed to attract or please people. These are the way an avian being communicates with flock, family, and most important of all, the prospective mate.

We do seem to like to hear our parrots singing like people. What does that say about us?

But they like to hear their own songs, the ones passed down father to son, mother to daughter. Finches are great singers, with zebra finches each having their own trumpeting. If you have the pleasure of several generations of finches, you can hear the basics from the original bird and the changes in each generation. Here’s a pretty basic song: and some science on the whole process (I could read these articles all day!)

I had a pair of male spice finches whom I believe were brothers. They sang very quietly, and wanted to find girls very much. When one would sing, the other would stick his beak almost down the singer’s throat! Wish I could have video taped some of that, I loved it.

But back to parrots. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has recording so calls of almost every parrot on the planet. World Parrot Trust has the list of birds. Is that cool or what?

Have fun storming the audio library, and I’ll be back on Sunday.


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