One for the Money

Everyone thinks that if I were to unload all my flock, I would no longer have any financial hardships or problems. Really? I sold two cockatiels for half of what it costs to feed the whole flock for a month. It’s more of a time investment, not so much the expense. I don’t make money from breeding, especially if I handfeed them, so breaking even now and then is wonderful.

To be honest, I once spent $100 on a zebra finch when I took her to a vet. She had an abscess on her face, luckily that was easily healed. And if I did take my parrots in for their annual well bird check-ups, the cost would go up. Luckily my birds – knock wood– are wonderfully healthy.

The sad fact is that I will be rehoming or selling most of the flock. Not only is it time to bring expenses down to lowest possible, I also want to concentrate more of my time on writing. Also, down the road, Mike and I hope to move to Oregon or Washington State. There may be a small, temporary move before that, and I want to be in the position of power and choice, not wait for the event to catch me by surprise.

Some of the birds will move with us. I cannot live without them, the special birds that are either blind or have disabilities. The ones who are attached to me. The ones no one else would want. So I thought I should look at the information available for moving with birds.

This is a cute story and really good tips.

And similar advice from the experts at The Bird Channel.

This is a short move, but this is a sweet setup for the birds. Envious? Me?

Here’s a parrot who lives on a moving vessel!

I have a dear friend who emigrated to Israel with her cockatiel. Here’s information on moving internationally with birds.

That’s about it for this Wednesday. See you on Sunday. Be sure to have a good week and give the birds some love from me.

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