Bird Supplies

Since I mentioned the cost of keeping a large flock of parrots, finches, doves, and button quail, I thought I would share my favorite places to get supplies. These are either stores near me or on-line businesses that I trust.

My number one store is Magnolia Bird Farm. Their prices on seed are the best around. They have a store in Anaheim, that I have never visited, and a store in Riverside. That store is the one I mean when I talk about Magnolia. I often describe it as Disneyland for bird people. They have an astounding range of birds for sale, a room full of hand fed and tame babies, and a room of pet birds surrendered or sold back, for many different reasons. Going in there to give some love to these unflocked birds is good for you and them. Here’s a great video of the outside aviaries. They have more in the warehouse.

Currently the rising cost of gas prohibits these fun jaunts to Magnolia, so we get our seed at A Bird Haven in Escondido. This store recently did a remodel, and have a fun tiki theme to the place. They put birds out on stands in the bird room, and you can handle the parrots at your own risk. They do ask that you sanitize your hands before and after handling the birds. They have a sister store a bit south of there, named Our Feathered Friends. I love to wander around there if I am in the area. It’s smaller but still manages to pack in lots of stuff.

Depending on what we need, we also go to the Escondido Feed Store. They have good prices on dove mix and scratch for the quail.

On-line, I like Bird Supply of New Hampshire. I ordered seed hoppers from them once, and some arrived cracked. I let them know so they might pack them with more care, and they sent me replacements at no extra charge. Plus there are always free samples in the order.

Rockport Roost has been reliable and fast. And they explain everything you need to know about the order process on their front page.

For finches and canaries, I rely on Lady Gouldian Finch for the things the big parrot stores don’t always have. Great service, and they even featured my aviary on their site once.

Cages by Design has a local sales woman who attends bird marts and is one of the nicest people I know. They have wonderful cages, not currently in my price range, but nice none the less.

Lots of bird parents prefer to make their own seed mixes. And while that might work for some, it’s too much trouble at the moment for us. That’s why I love Abba Seed. The company has a great ethic as far as product quality and effectiveness. They make their own bread for birds and grind it up to add to the seed mix. Sadly, Mr. Abbate Sr. passed away a few years ago, but the company continues to carry the same excellent products. Bonus; They now carry some plain seed for mixing your own!

My Safe Bird Store carries some seed, but mostly nuts and dehydrated fruits and veggies. They have a wonderful and helpful device on their site so that if a product is currently out of stock, you can put in your email address and get a notice when it’s back.

The more parrot food you can make yourself, the more you will save money and the more control you will have over what goes into the food. Here are some great ideas on what to use.

If I were to make seed mixes for my birds, I would doubtless have to create a Bobo mix, because she hates the dried red peppers, and will only eat almonds if I cut them in half first. And an Io mix, because he likes some pellets in his food and also likes the almonds cut. Maynard’s mix would have more almonds, peanuts, no chili, and no pellets. They all love sunflower seeds, but those are more of a treat. Too much fat to be a regular food.

Next week, we’ll look at seed vs. pellets and the best optimum diet for Parrots! See you Wednesday for something fun.


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