Reunited and it Feels so Good!

I know I haven’t lost my birds and been reunited with them, but knowing that the threat of having to rehome them is gone, I am getting that kind of vibe. So here are links to some great stories about parrots coming home again.

The ways a parrot can be parted from you are many. Being stolen at gun point in an elevator is not that common, but happened to this lady in New York City.

More often, the burglar breaks into a house and steals the parrot. Not often, these birds are recovvered. Especially if the thief is a bit dim.

And the number one reason parrots are lost is that the owner took the bird outside. A fully flighted bird that loves you and will never leave you can still be startled and fly off in self defense.

As nearly happened to me, this man was forced to sell his macaw due to financial issues. Glad to say that all is well with him and his macaw.

No story with this video, but love the voices in the background at the end.

The key to getting your missing bird back is to advertise, call the papers and news stations, put up flyers, and don’t give up.

Not every story has a happy ending, and some losses are more tragic.

But remember there is always help available, and it doesn’t hurt to contact every possible responder.

Have a wonderful, safe day and I will see you on Sunday.


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