Pair Bonding

Birds have a pretty high rate of species who pair bond, or mate, for life. For feathered pairs, it is a pretty easy choice. Shiny feathers, good hunter-gatherer skills, and a nice bower or nest.

Scarlet macaws mate for life.

Mute swans mate for life.

Barn owls also mate for life.

Of course, love birds also pair bond for life, although I heard of one brazen hussy who liked to sneak out on her mate and visit the other males in adjacent cages. Tsk, tsk. Perhaps she was around humans for too long.

Ostriches don’t mate for life, from what I can find, but goodness, what a great display! Certainly deserves a season of fidelity.

I’m not surprised to find that sun conures mate for life as well. My pairs are very attached to each other, and are trying to mate and lay eggs. Not sure if they have a clue, haven’t seen them in the act, so it’s anybody’s guess.

The benefits of staying together are many. And we will look at those on Sunday! Have a great week, and Happy Independence Day, America!


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