Out of Context Theater

Scene: A coffee shop. A woman, let’s call her Ava, sits at a table, talking on her cell phone. A mom with two young girls sits down nearby.

Ava: He won’t eat if by itself, but he loves to lick it off my fingers.

Mom looks over, give Ava a dirty look, and moves her girls farther away.

Ava: No, ne hasn’t learned to poop on command yet. He might be too old to learn.

A young man was about to sist down, but when he hears this, he leaves the shop.

Ava: I can’t afford to get them all microchipped, I may just do the little boys.

Barista cleaning table nods in agreement before going back behind the counter.

Ava: I am looking for a good breeder. Not too wild but not too tame.

Elderly couple about to sit down next to Ava. Husband smiles, wife pulls him away.

Ava: I know the store had to close and all the birds went for half price. I just don’t have room for more unless I can sell all the babies.

College student wearing a NoKidHungry tee changes his mind about sitting by her and puts his laptop back in a case.

Ava: I’ve been trying to keep him from thinking I’m his mate. Do you know how hard it is to tell him no?”

Single man with hair slicked back sits down at next table, and makes eyes at Ava.

Ava: Listen, I have to go. Some creeper is giving me funny looks. In fact, everyone in this coffee shop has been acting strange. I don’t think I’ll come back here.

Cheers go up from the other customers. All except the creeper, who opens the door for Ava and follows her with his eyes.

Sound track: https://archive.org/details/parrots_sanDiego_2006

See you on Sunday.

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