Lassie is a Parrot

There have been lots of news stories in recent years about families or children being saved by a pet parrot. Parrots are very adaptive beings, as you can tell by the thriving flocks in urban settings. But how do they know to save people? Could Lassie have been reincarnated as a parrot?

Here are some facts. And when I say facts, I mean Fox News stories. This Indian Ringneck named Pearly saved his family from a fire started in their laundry room.

But that’s totally self serving. He didn’t want his house to burn up or his food bringers to be injured. So no real evidence there.

An Amazon saved a father and son who were sacked out on the couch. Peanut had only been there six months, but it seems like fate bringing him together with these two guys.

Still not the Lassie attitude I thought we’d find, however. Willie the Quaker parrot comes closer, saving a baby who was choking while not in any danger himself.

However, this parrot was just scaring off a rival for his mate’s attention.

This macaw scared the bad guys away, but not before his owner was injured and threatened. Lassie would not stand for that.

Maybe this parrot was hoping one of the pups would grow up and take over this rescuing business.

Here’s a bilingual parrot waking up his owner when she stops breathing at night. Great idea. I hope he also tells her about the benefits of weight loss and exercise.

Parrots do grow attached to their people, and the sudden removal of one from the parrot’s life can make a lasting impression.

Speaking of court cases, here’s a divorce proceeding that admitted evidence provided by a parrot.

And one where the bird’s testimony won’t be allowed.

We flock together with parrots because their intelligence and emotional make-up are similar to ours. So if we need healing, and the parrot needs healing, we can help each other in that process.

For troubled children, a parrot is one option, especially a little non-threatening parrot like a budgie.

Parrots have blabbed to police when their owner is driving drunk, have alerted us to fires in our homes, and maybe brought justice to the deceased. Why wouldn’t we fight to keep them as pets and as a wonderful part of our natural world?

I’ll be back on Sunday. Have a great weekend.


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