The Battle of the Cute

No doubt you have all the cute cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies videos bookmarked on YouTube and Facebook by now. But what about the cute birds? Yes, parrots can be cute, too! One of my favorites is an Indian ringneck parakeet named Marnie.

Marnie plays peek-a-boo, and loves his stuffed bunny. He goes to Grandma’s house to meet a frog and he knows how to throw a fun birthday party.

This little parrotlet loves his ball! Listen carefully to hear him say “sorry” and other phrases.

Caiques can be the cutest just walking around.

Hyacinths are beautiful and can be very silly.

I’m one of those odd folks who thinks baby birds are beautiful and cute even before the feathers grow in. But here’s an adorable puppy-like blue and gold macaw.

Macaws are very smart at a very early age. Here’s a Scarlet that wants to go . . . somewhere.

Lucky for us, parrots like to interact with other species. A Hyacinth with a pit bull is adorable! and this scarlet macaw with two doggies is great. I like this video, but frankly I would never let a terrier of any kind around my birds, even supervised.

Parrots will even play with other parrots. But this cockatoo has a death wish, going up against a hyacinth macaw. The hyacinth outweighs the cockatoo, has a longer reach with beak alone, and is not scared of that crest at all.

We share our lives with these beauties because, as this owner says, they make us smile every day.

These two are bonded to each other and still enjoy interacting with their human.

So here’s the question. Are these caiques:
cuter than this Indian ringneck?

I could never decide. See you on Thursday.

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