Snakes: A Guide For the In-doors Parrot

The birds in the front room of my home frequently become excited and unhappy when they spy something that their species memory tells them might be a snake. We are constantly telling them these things are not snakes, but perhaps it will be easier to make a list and to read it to them from time to time.

Things that are not snakes:




Vacuum hoses.

Naked human males

Curtain rods.

Garden hoses. (less common in the house since we got rid of the water bed.)

Electrical cords.

Extension cords.

Holiday lights.

Bolster Pillows.

Bird toys with ropes involved.

New perches.

Rubber toys that look like snakes. (Obviously, this one is a tough call.)

Things that are snakes:

Snakes. Rather skinny reptiles with no arms or legs, flicking tongues, scales, and a way of moving that is usually flat but can be slightly vertical for a while.

Of course, we are pretty sure that birds evolved from reptiles, but snakes were just not in that family tree.

So that’s why parrots fear snakes, but some birds actually eat snakes. And that’s awesome too.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m full. See you on Sunday.


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