Potpourri for the End of Summer


Parrots eat carrots
cooked or raw.
Some will eat cabbage
plain or a slaw.

Whatever your birdie
consumes from the garden
Is better than seeds
and I do beg your pardon

But farm to table
is the best way to go
You can eat like a bird
and live longer, you know!

Heat Relief

A spray bottle of water can cool down overheated birds in a few minutes. While the African Grays accept the cooling mist with neither joy or aggression, the conures and Maynard try to attack the bottle. I made the mistake of leaving a spray bottle where Maynard could get it, and he punched a couple holes in it. The lovebirds, finches, budgies, and Wraith the ringneck all panic, and the canaries would rather have a bowl of clean water.

Cockatiels, on the other hand, love the spray. Love it! They bump each other, trying to get the best spot. The wings go up, the head does down, they rub the drops down into their breast feathers. Almost the cutest thing I;ve ever seen is a drippin-wet cocaktiel hanging head-down on a perch, enjoying the pretend rain.

I found a couple of cute videos of cockatiels to show you what I mean.

Spring? We Don’t Need Any Stinking Season!

My perps, as I call my proven pair of violet lovebirds, have purple passion. We have experienced 100 degree F. weather, and they are in the nest box. It must be 105 in there, at least. Mama bird does not come out at all, just the dad. It’s been over a year since I let them have a nest box, and they have an outdoor cage. I am expecting healthy babies this round. Giving her a week to finish laying her eggs, 2 weeks to incubate them, and we could have chicks by October 9th. And they will be 3 weeks old on October 30th, my last work day before retirement. This will be the first clutch that I will hand feed.

I know Maynard and Jake will love to share me with yet more feathered intruders. At least the chicks will be temporary.

Sex Manipulation

I’ve heard that the temperature during the egg’s incubation can influence the sex of the chick. I desperately need female budgies, so if heat made more girls hatch, I’d go for it right now. I can’t find anything concrete on the web, but did find this interesting article: http://www.motherearthnews.com/nature-and-environment/sorghum-seed-more-females-zmaz79jfzsch.aspx Wonder where the closest field of sorghum is?

Have a cooler week, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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