Yet More Further Different Randomness

Hope the earlier batch of videos and articles were entertaining. I have a few more to share. This one is just another adorable baby parrot but his huge beak makes him really precious.

This is the first part of a two-part video showing a wonderful aviary for African Greys. Not high quality filming, but still you get the idea. And you should be able to find part two on the same page.

And a beautiful finch aviary.

Here are two different videos on how to build an aviary. This one is indoors.

This one is outside, and has a love seat so you can enjoy the birds.

Here are several random aviaries with good drainage.

And a specific aviary for budgies. It’s so pretty!

This isn’t the right time of year to be building aviaries in Southern California, because you don’t have enough warm weather left to let the birds acclimate to the out of doors. If you were building a larger home for the birds, that wouldn’t be so bad. June and July are the best time here to build an aviary or outdoor flight cage, because you can count on July, August, September and at least half of October to be warm and the right conditions for moving birds to the great outdoors.

And that’s our post for today. I’ll be back on Sunday.

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