Should Maynard Have His Own Facebook Page?

This is rapidly turning into Maynard’s blog. If you have never shared your life with one charismatic bird, you won’t understand. He’s a little being in a bird suit. He talks, he moves around, he expresses like and dislike. And he wouldn’t be the first parrot to have a page on the virtual community known as Facebook.

There’s Midori Konyur: Although there doesn’t seem to be a Midori any longer. The birds featured are beautiful.

An African Gray named Makki Jojo can be found here:

Chloe Bird is a cockatoo, and the founder of Chloe’s Sanctuary run by Don Scott.

Max Eclectus hasn’t posted much, but only joined FB on September 30th.

Mickey Parrot is an African Gray, with mostly photos up.

And while not a bird, Lolli Pop has a page with videos and lots of fun things. She’s a Valais Blacknose Sheep living in the UK who needed bottle feeding as a baby, and has bonded with the folks who run the farm.

The next question is, what would I post on Maynard’s page? Like I don’t already have enough to do. I could post photos of my feet when he regurgitates on me. I could post the old video we have of his blow dryer dance. And there’s always weird things he says with excellent timing, and weird things Mike says Maynard says.

I could post photos of all the shirts without buttons and with holes, courtesy of Maynard. I could put up the sandals he chewed, only the left one. I could brag about his learning to climb up the dining room chairs, the laundry basket, and the tubs under my desk, while absolutely refusing to use the ladder next to his T-perch.

Maybe I could have a contest to guess how many of his feathers I have saved. I could talk about his love of Greek yogurt, so hard to find in the Amazon Rainforest. He also loves almonds, peanuts, sourdough bread if it’s toasted and buttered, and pizza crusts.

I’d love to get a short video of him wrestling with me, laying on his back and kicking. He’ll give me a soft beaking on my finger, then do the same on his own leg. He will chase my hand under towels or blankets, but I have to be very careful to avoid a good chomp. He hasn’t exactly connected my person to whatever is moving the cloth.

Well, maybe some day this could happen. But right now I will be happy turning the blog over to him now and then. His Christmas Gift List should be a hoot. I’ll be back on Thursday.


One thought on “Should Maynard Have His Own Facebook Page?

  1. Only the left shoe/sandal? Now that’s funny! just like we have to choose our battles, we have to choose which gifts to give the world. Don’t get spread too thin!

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