The Parrot and The Pussycat

Every home where a parrot or several parrots reside should have a cat. Yes, you read that right. Cats keep mice populations low, and parrots sound so adorable when they meow. Who could pass that up?

Can cats and parrots live together in harmony? Yes, especially if the parrot is aggressive and the cat is young. My first cockatiel didn’t like my kitten poking his nose into his cage, so he bit the cat on the nose. No real damage done, didn’t even break the skin. From that moment on, the kitten would not even look at the bird. The cockatiel ceased to exist to the cat.

Beyond a small bird and a young cat, coexistence can happen as long as the humans stay vigilant and never leave the two alone, even if the bird is in a cage. Prey instincts are strong, so be smart.

Budgies are perfect to start with this living arrangement. They are aggressive, and smart.

Quaker parrots are also spunky and smart.

Lovebirds and well fed cats are another fair combination. (Yes, I watched the ending several times, but the lovie flies away and is not hurt)

A larger parrot and a cat can get along fine, especially, as the notes say, they grew up together.

Cockatoos are about cat size, some of the bigger ones, and not only need a lot of love, they have a lot of love to give. I would love for someone to add a Pepe le Pew voice over to this one.

A budgie for an alarm clock? Makes sense to me.

If all else fails, distract the cats with toys.

Where does it say only cats can play with boxes? Not here.

The Odd Couple cat and bird style.

This cockatoo knows how to train a kitten.

And these cockatoos knows how to love a kitten.

Yes, it’s safer with a big bird that can take care of itself. But I know lots of people who let their cockatiels hang out with their cats. I do not know this person. That bird is in more danger of being squished than eaten.

And now, for something completely different. A green cheek nesting on a cat’s tummy.

Be careful, be positive, and be watchful. Enjoy this video and I’ll be back on Sunday.

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