Bird-lovers on Facebook

Recently I discovered a few groups on Facebook for parrots and their owners. I joined some, and have really enjoyed the posts that come along in my daily feed. Lots of sad things, too, when a beloved companion passes away, but that’s where having the group works really well. Sympathy flows from other bird fanciers who can only too easily imagine themselves in that sorrowful state.

I’ve been a fan of the Royal Parrot Conservancy, where the beautiful blue throat macaw is being bred and reintroduced into the wild, along with other critically endangered species. But lately there has been less focus on the birds.

A page for Amazon parrots is starting up, so of course I had to post a photo of Maynard and tell his story. I know they will love him.

The African Grey Parrot Lovers group is a private group that requires a moderator to approve you. That helps keep the group on topic and friendly. I haven’t shared Bobo and Io’s stories there yet, but soon I will.

We come now to the conures portion of our show. I raced to San Marcos this morning to take in a pair of darling sweeties, Sonny is a jenday conure, and Mookie is a sun conure. My friend who lost his life mate in August has made the conscious choice to be homeless, and asked me to take in his birds for a while, until he gets things back together. The conures settled into the bird room without too much fuss, and it’s so cool to hear the jenday call, so different from the other conures in the house.

Conure Owners Unite is a great community where folks willingly share their joys, sorrows, and photos. Recently we were unexpectedly thrilled to hear that an injured green cheek, not expected to live after head trama in an accident, recovered almost completely. The vet is amazed, and we all cheered.

If you are like me and have a multitude of parrots and birds you love, then you want an all-purpose group like For the Love of Parrots. This group is very active, and I love the photos, stories, and videos that pop up from the members. And of course we share information. Someone noticed that whenever she vacuums, her birds start bathing. To them, the vacuum sounds like a thunderstorm! Cool.

There are, as you might expect, lots of groups for cockatiels on Facebook. There’s a closed group called The Amazing World of Cockatiels, and I just sent in a request to join them. There’s also The Cockatiel Foundation, a non-profit organization that you can like and be a part of. Both sound interesting to me.

I’ll continue this subject when I join a few more groups, so I can tell you if they are interesting or not. Have a good week and I will be back on Thursday.


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