Ten Games to Play with Your Birds

Note:  I wrote this some years ago for my bird club newsletter.  I retired today, and shortly will be heading off to a gathering of sorts.  So I have pulled this out of the files.  Hope you enjoy it.  I’ll be back on Sunday.

  1. Peek-a-Boo, using a towel or pillow case

  2. Where’s the peanut? (put it in your pocket or under a plastic cup)

  3. Impressions, like eagle or vulture

  4. Survivor. Put treats in a paper cup, crumple it closed, see if your bird can get to the food in a set amount of time. Use a timer. As he or she gets better at the game, set the timer for less time.

  5. Hide and Seek, you hide, your bird comes to find you. Don’t make it too hard, or last too long. Frustration is not the goal.

  6. Catch! Using light plastic or cloth balls, teach your bird to pick it up and throw it to you. Then throw it back!

  7. Twist and Shout! Put on your favorite dance music, and discover if you have another Snowball hiding in your bird!

  8. Gonna Getcha! Also known as tickle bird. Be sure your bird knows you are playing, and respect any signs that this game is not a favorite.

  9. Pick-up Game. Give your bird a toy, and wait for the inevitable drop. Pick it up and give it back with some kind of signal noise or word, like Wonderful! Repeat as long as possible.

  10. Bedtime for Birdies. Find a children’s book with short, simple rhymes, and read a few pages to quiet down your bird’s energy and set the mood for the good night kisses and quiet time.


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