Yoga for Parrots

Being a woman of leisure these days, I need some form of exercise to participate in daily, if I want to stay active and alert. Also losing weight is on my to-do list. So I bought a few yoga and tai chi videos. The Yoga for Beginners DVD is wonderful! I may even be able to do some of the moves, and not just watch it from my comfy chair.

My lovebird Jake was having out time while I laid on the floor and stretched and tried to participate without causing bodily harm. Jake thought this activity great fun, and perched on my chin or my nose, whatever part seemed the highest perch. He could not understand why I didn’t want him to help me in that way.

I thought about yoga for parrots, and wondered if any such thing had been created. Google brought up nothing under Yoga for Parrots, but Yoga for Pets delivered more. This page has some great explanations of why and how yoga might benefit your pet, and you as well. In this day of time crunches, getting some quality time with your companion while exercising makes perfect sense.

Doga is a thing. Dog Yoga. Doga. Yup. Not making it up. Wiki says it’s more about the human using the submissive pet as a prop, and lots of criticism has been heaped upon the practice.

This slide show of pets and people doing yoga is not about pets doing yoga. I don’t care for the fact there’s a sea turtle in one of the photos. And another photo shows nothing but the back end of the little dog. But most of the others are cute.

If we are going to create a parrot yoga, first we have to know all about what our bird’s body language tells us.

Then we need to figure out which stretches are good for parrots. This means watching lots of videos.

And we need some foot action in there!

Maybe we need to tailor a yoga plan to each parrot species. More foot work for rose breasted, more wings for macaws? Dang, that sounds like a lot of work.

Luckily, Windy City Parrots, one of my favorite pages on Facebook, has lots of information on ways to exercise your parrots!–Why-How–Videos_b_53.html

Pick your favorite, and get to work. I’ll be back on Sunday.

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