Half Life

As I played with Jake my Lovebird this morning, I tried to remember how old he is. He was a year old when he came to live with me. And that was about five years ago. He’s six years old, and if he lives the estimated life span for lovies of 20 years, then he’s edging in to middle age.

Using this site as a measuring device, http://exoticpets.about.com/od/birds/f/birdlifespan.htm I seem to have a lot of elderly birds. But I think their numbers for the larger parrots are low. They say 50 years for Amazons and Grays, but another source http://pets.thenest.com/long-can-large-parrot-live-6585.html gives 50 as the bottom of a range going to 80 years. That’s more like what I expected.

Maynard is 26 years old. If I expect him to be around until he’s 50, then we are half way there. He certainly acts middle aged most of the time. If Jake lands on Maynard’s cage, I can just hear Maynard saying, “Get off my lawn. I mean bars!” Even an expectation of 80 puts the Amazon in close range to his middle years.

With Io and Bobo, I have no idea how old they are. I would think they are also about twenty years old. I am in the process of moving Bo into a smaller cage. I am usually of the opinion that larger is better where cages are concerned. But since Bo can’t perch, having no toes, she climbs around and plays on things and has herself a great time. Until she loses her balance and falls to the cage floor. Right now that’s a three foot drop. Onto iron bars or press wood trays. So a cage that is not so tall would benefit her, and help her live longer. The goal is to find one with the larger diameter bars that are more comfortable for her to wrap her legs around. Not an easy task.

Io is good in his cage, the only issue he has that may threaten his life span is his habit of unscrewing his food bowl and dumping the contents. I suppose going for an afternoon or overnight without food isn’t terribly dangerous.

My budgies are all older except for the four chicks that hatched within the last year. But if Pretzel is any measure of their health, they may not have overly long lives. http://petpundit.com/how-long-do-parakeets-live/ I have some in the outside aviary that are pushing 10 years.

As for canaries, ten years is average, and 15 possible. So my waterslagers should not need to be rehomed when I pass on. Luckily, they probably would be the easiest to place.

Conures on the other hand are a problem all unto themselves. Greencheeks are about the quietest variety, and are on the small side. http://betterwords.typepad.com/birdvice/2009/01/conures-all-about-conures.html The suns, of which we have 5 now, the jenday, the half moon, and our “broken bird” the orange front are quiet when the lights are out and it’s dark. I would rarely ask that birds be rehomed together, but Beeby and Esme should stay together, Sunny and Zazu, George and Gracie, and Sonny and Mookie. I know how old Sunny and Zazu are, and Sunny is getting up there. She was ten when she joined the flock, and has to be 16 or 17 now. With a life span of 30 years, she is firmly middle age. Maybe that’s why she and I get along so well.

Thanks for reading, and I will be back on Sunday.

One thought on “Half Life

  1. We don’t know how old our rescue Goffin’s Cockatoo is. He’s at least 35, given that he is wild-caught and the import ban around 1976. So, I guess he’s just about middle-aged too. Our Green-Cheeked Amazon and African Gray are about 10 years old – little kids, I guess! Thanks for the interesting post.

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