No More Rescues

It hurts to put this in writing, and it will be tough to live by it. I want to do so much in the way of writing and organizing and the like. I need to free up my time by scaling back on the birds. So the Hungerford Home for Happy Hookbills has just turned on the No Vacancy sign.

There are birds that will be here for their natural lives. That hasn’t changed. And like this past summer, when I thought I might have no choice but to rehome all of them, deciding which birds might be rehomed is a challenge.

The doves can go. The budgies that I didn’t breed myself can go. The 3 zebra finches and one green singer have to stay. No matter what, I will always want to hear the adorable trumpeting calls of zeebs. Maynard, Bo, and Io are home for good. The conures and lovebirds also are here to stay.

The area where I can do the most cutting back is with the cockatiels. Maybe. Not Kai, not Fletch and Tuck, not Bobbin and Freckles, not the four from Frank, not Mallory, not Hermes – okay, never mind.

Truly, the only way to cut back is to take in no more birds. A friend recently asked if I could take in a green cheek conure, and of course I said yes, but I did not hear back about that bird. Since it was her daughter’s bird, I have a feeling that won’t happen. I said no to a macaw, and that bird is now happily waiting for a forever home at FreeFlight in Del Mar.

I can say no. I also can refer people to the bird club, FreeFlight, Quail Ridge, and half a dozen other good quality rescures. I shouldn’t feel like this is a bad thing.

I rescued two parrotlets in December. I won a pair of canaries in January. But that’s it. I draw the line, no more birds. No matter how much I have wanted a baby African gray, or how much fun Max the flame macaw was to feed and play with. Maybe a few more zeebs, but that’s it.

Are you convinced yet? Because I am not. Just like trying to stay on a diet, I give up what I want long term for what I want right now. I am the Statue of Bird Liberty. Give me your lonely, your plucked, your mostly ignored parrots, longing to be somewhat freer. You know, I think Plan B will go into effect. More Aviaries so more birds can move outside. Maybe rethink the bird room, make it a free flight room for the cockatiels and finches.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday or Sunday.

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