And I am Marie of Roumania*

Last Sunday, I posted about emergency plans, supplies, and being prepared. Yeah, with 70 birds or so, evacuation might not be realistic. Even so, there are some birds I would not abandon, and I should have cages and carriers, if nothing else, prepared to go.

I have passed a milestone in my relationship with African Gray Bo Dangles. She will step out onto a platform if I hold it up to her. This allows me to get her in and out of her cage. She will immediately try to bite my toes or my hand, but still we are making progress. She also isn’t too bad if I wrap a towel around her to move her somewhere. Still tries to bite, and tries to hide under her cage if she thinks I am going to put her back. But I am now confident I can pick her up and put her in a carrier. The carrier will have a thick comfy towel inside for her comfort.

Io the blind gray will be much more difficult. He has allowed me to touch his beak and toes, but still tries to bite. In an emergency, I would need to throw a towel over him and stuff him in a carrier. When we brought him home some years ago, he screamed all the time he was in the carrier and pooped and then walked through it. Not fun. Poor little guy, I hope to work with him more so I can calm him down.

Maynard has a carrier, he will go in it, and as long as he can see me, he doesn’t mind too much. He much prefers to be on the steering wheel if we are in the car, but he can’t reach the pedals. So he stays in the carrier. The canaries are in a small cage, we could easily take them along. Jake can go in a small travel cage. I have a small folding cage for Sunny and Zazu. Wraith the Indian Ringneck can go in a carrier, but he will be traumatized. He’s also on my list for working with.

Sun conures George and Gracie will have a carrier to themselves. Sun and Orange Front conure Mookie and Sonny will go in a carrier together. Our little bent bird, Dani, also orange front conure, will go in her own little cage. Her splayed legs make it impossible for her to perch, so I will give her both a bottom towel to rest on and bars to cling to.

Beeby, half-moon conure, and Esme, green cheek conure, will go together. Beeby is very aggressive and hates everyone, so he will need similar treatment to Io. I would put Esme in first, and that might make him settle down more quickly. The finches (seven zebras and a green singer) would go into the bachelor canary cage, the parrotlets into a small cage, and their cage used for the inside budgies. The budgie cage would be used to house our one Rosie Bourke and as many cockatiels as we can reasonably stuff into a large flight cage like that. The lovebirds would go into one utility cage. Pretzel would have to go back with his family for the evacuation.

Those are all the inside birds. Between the two hatchback cars we own, we just might be able to put all the carriers and cages in them. But what about the outside doves, budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, and quail? And what about a plan?

I’ll be back on Sunday, and hopefully I will have a plan.

* from Dorothy Parker


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