PWS: Parrot Withdrawal Syndrome

As a writer, I had a chance to go away for a weekend and be with other writers in an environment of learning and celebrating achievements. I had a great time, made new friends, visited with people I knew, and in general focused on writing as a craft. I had a great time.

I also had a bad case of Parrot Withdrawal Syndrome. I didn’t think I would have it so bad. After all, I saw all the birds before I left Friday morning, and got home in the afternoon on Sunday. So overall I was only without parrots for one full day. It still hit me hard. No brilliant green, blue, and/or orange feathers to nuzzle and stroke. No sharp beaks attacking my fingers. No garbled sentences that sounded decidedly nasty. No watching where I stepped after one or more of the birds had out time. And no canary nest to check for eggs.

The hotel suite didn’t ring with parrot calls and voices. None of the workshops focused on conservation or hand feeding techniques. I knew that going in. At night, as I tried to sleep, I missed my birds terribly. I seriously want to arrange to bring Maynard or Sunny or Jake along with me if I ever do this again.

Featured image  The only pets allowed at the hotel.

Yes, I missed my husband more. In our twenty years together, we’d only been apart overnight one other time. But at least I could call him and text to stay in touch. I asked him to try holding the phone up so I could speak to Maynard, but my sweet Amazon either didn’t recognize my voice over the phone, or didn’t have anything to say.

Mike said that when he got home from work Friday night, Maynard went into his frantic calling for “Mama!” Maynard was sure I would be coming in the door with Mike. Poor disappointed bird.

Featured image  Are you my mama?

Of course, once I did get home on Sunday, after lots of kissing and hugging and talking about the weekend with Mike, I snuggled with Maynard, cuddled Jake, scratched Bobo’s head, touched Io’s beak, told Wraith he was a good bird, and even went out to see the birds in the aviaries. Exhausted from the drive (which included an unintentional side tour caused by my attempts to follow Mike’s directions), Maynard and I settled into our favorite comfy chair, and took a nice nap. Well, I napped and he chewed on his favorite toy and then tried to get to my cell phone. All business as usual.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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