Maynard’s Housekeeping Tips

Hi, folks. Mom’s busy cleaning cages and dishes so I thought I would help by writing her column today. And since she keeps our household together, I want to share the little extra things you, as a companion parrot, can do to pitch in.

1. I wouldn’t say Mom is lazy, but maybe your human is, or just a little careless when it comes to cleaning. So help out by hanging on the side of your cage and pooping as far away as you possibly can. That way your human has to clean all around your cage to make sure he or she gets all the poop.

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2. What’s that in your food dish? Is it something new? Fling it around and make sure to hit a wall with it. Extra points for a ceiling shot. Mom’s good, but she just doesn’t clean the ceiling often enough.

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3. Timing is everything. Wait until she has cleaned all the floors, and put all the cleaning implements away. Then flap like crazy and get your downiest feathers flying all around the room. Not only will this help your human get the floors extra clean, it will give you a second chance to kill the vacuum or broom or mop.

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4. Dishes pile up quickly while Mom’s doing other stuff. I help out by flinging anything breakable to the floor. The fewer dishes we have, the less there is to clean. Be sure to crack plastic things, too.

5. Start a trend by putting holes in towels, sheets, and table cloths. Mom will call it cutwork when she sees it, right before company comes over.

6. Remodel the cupboard doors by chewing attractive arches into the bottoms. Mom wants to get new ones, anyway. This just moves it up on her busy schedule.

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7. At least once a month, find a feather to pull out that hasn’t stopped growing yet. Blood is very decorative and easy to work with, and will help your human get those walls clean one more time.

8. Remember, it’s Spring! Feed your human’s face, feet, and hands as often as possible. Frequent washing of hands prevents illnesses.

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9. Daily baths are required! If you don’t get a regular size bathtub or shower to use, your water dish will do. In fact, your water dish is best, because you will get floor, walls, and cage soaking wet. Flap a lot and flutter all the feathers, to let your human know how much you appreciate their extra care.

Featured image  Found at Parrot Approved.

10. After all the cleaning is done, and you get to sit with your human, show your love by leaving a special gift behind. Laundry is part of the cleaning chores.

Featured image Photo by MarkB found at Cannon Rumors.,1280.0.html

Thanks for reading. Mom will be back on Thursday.

ALl photos, unless otherwise noted, were “borrowed” from In Your Flock.

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