Cuisine ala Che Hungerford

My personal preference for bird drinking water is the use of tube waterers. These contained reservoirs keep the water cleaner and available for a couple days if need arises. However, some birds still like to stuff food into the little trough at the bottom and make some sort of Pellet Surprise. Especially birds that might be breeding and raising chicks.

Another regular on the menu is Moth Soup. It’s a cold soup, usually, depending on the weather. Between the number of moths that jump in the open waters and the number that fall for the come-hither moth traps, I’m surprised any flying pests are still around. This speaks to their amazing ability to hide and reproduce. And yes, most of the bigger parrots prefer an open dish of water.

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Treats are specialties of the house. We serve corn on the cob skewers, apple chunks, and blueberry with peanut butter. The aviary cockatiels spurned the corn, but the inside birds devoured it. Outside birds like grass and dandelions pulled from the back yard too much to settle for store-bought goods. The inside birds are not proud.

Maynard (you knew I’d get around to him eventually, didn’t you?) has a special list of “treats” that he demands on occasions. Like when he’s awake. He loves toast with a bit of butter. He loves cheese. He loves pasta. He loves tomatoes. He loves a good chicken thigh bone. He expects one of those treats to be delivered every time I come back from shopping or going anywhere, and every time I come back from the kitchen. As my purpose in life is to keep him happy, that would be my only reason for going anywhere.

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As often as I can, I cook up some Quinoa and let it cool. Then I add some nutrients and calcium, apple bits, greens, and any veggies available. Cucumber is a favorite. Our canaries devoured the stem end of a bell pepper recently. Items with lots of seeds inside are very popular. I serve this in shallow bowls or on plates, so that the food will dry out rather than stay moist and get moldy. I set a timer, and at the end of the time (usually a few hours, so that everyone gets a chance to eat) I pull the dishes and dump the scraps.

I hope to make my own birdie bread or granola soon, to have on hand for busy weeks when cooking for the flock is a chore instead of a treat for me. I am so happy that my bird room is nearly clean and the cages all washed. I’m working on the walls now, and then have the closet to empty. We caught many more mice is the weeks since I vacuumed up the majority of the seed in the carpet in there. That’s certainly worth the effort and time invested. Won’t be that way for long, but with fewer birds in the room, it’s an easier task.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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