Evil Parrot Twins

I confess, at one point in my life, I watched soap operas. And I absoluty loved the evil twin trope. Much of the plot involved no one ever figuring out there were twins, so they could never be seen together at the same time.

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Sometimes I think my parrots have evil twins. Take my sun conure, Sunny. Go ahead, try. When Sunny first came to live with us, she was a goofy, loving, go to anyone bird. I loved taking her places to show her off. Then our routines changed, and she didn’t get out of the cage much. She bonded very closely with our male sun, Zazu. Now, when I offer Sunny my hand to step up, she’s as likely to bite me as to come with me. Zazu will try to get to her first, and push her out of the way. He never liked me, so I know for a fact he will bite me.

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My adorable toeless African Gray, Bo Dangles, loves to have her head scratched and will lay on her shelf patiently while I whittle away at pin feathers. And without warning, if I get a hand too close when she’s not in the mood, I will get bitten. Usually she tells me she’s sorry afterwards, so it’s all right.

We have a cockatiel named Hermes, rehomed because he kept the new baby awake. His owner had had him for ten years, but his recently acquired spouse didn’t like the bird. She stopped letting Hermes out of the cage. So when he did get out, he would fight and bite when they wanted to put him back. Resulting in less time out. Luckily they were smart enough to give him away, and we took him readily. Interesting aside, the mom brought Hermes and her baby to the assigned meeting place, then asked us, people she had just then met, to watch her baby while she went into the store to buy cigarettes. Bird: bad for baby. Cigarettes: La La La can’t hear you! Strangers watching baby: Whatever.

Hermes is still unhappy to be put back in the cage after out time. He’s got a sweet girl he bonded with, and she even gets out of the way when Hermes decides to fight for more freedom. But if I find Hermes somewhere away from the cage, I can pick him up and he will chirp at me and be the sweetest bird. Okay, so he doesn’t have an evil twin so much as a good twin.

Maynard, and you knew I would get around to him, really doesn’t have an evil twin so much as a confused, senile twin. All it takes is me washing my hair, or wearing different clothes or something like that, and he totally cannot recognize me. He huffs, he lunges at the cage. I made the mistake of taking him out of the cage once after washing my hair, and not until I put him on the back of the chair we usually sat in did I realize he was going to bite me if I sat down within reach.

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And after I returned him to his cage, and walked back to sit, he started calling for his “Mama!” Heartbreaking, but until we either get him fitted for a pair of glasses or he figures out it’s really me, there’s not much we can do.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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