My Funny Amazon

Yeah, if you are tired of Maynard stories, just come back on Sunday. 8) I love this silly bird so very much. And there’s so much he does that can’t really be translated into words. He is part toddler, part dog, and part grumpy old man. How could I be so lucky?

I divide my day into exercise time, bird cleaning, feeding, and out time, writing time, and household chores like laundry and dishes. Usually by 2:30, I will collapse into my comfy chair and read for an hour. I say, read, but often the eyes don’t stay open. Maynard gets his out time alone, being aggressive to other birds. He can climb up on the ottoman of my chair, and as long as his favorite two toys are there, he will sit and chew on them for hours. Some days, however, he doesn’t want to follow me around as I clean or sit with me when I write. He goes to the ottoman all by himself and gets his toys. He only started doing this last week, so I am still impressed.

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I brought home a used parrot stand, thinking Maynard needed a play stand he could be out on when Mike was home. So far I haven’t found the perfect place for it, so it’s in the room I call my writing cabana. The first time I tried to set Maynard on the stand, he crawled up my arm to get away from it. Scary stand! I left it between the row of cages in the living room in hopes that the cockatiels and conures would make use of it in case Maynard never got around to it. I put sunflower seeds in one of the two cups, and pellets in the other. The conures went over immediately so they could throw the offerings on the floor.

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The stand has languished in the cabana, until I showed Maynard the food in the dishes. He decided he could maybe stand on it for a while and eat. Then he shouted for me to get him. I put a ladder against the mail post so he could get down, but he didn’t think he should have to do all that work. Later, after he had floor time, I heard him calling me again. I laughed so much. He climbed up the ladder himself to get more seeds and pellets. But the going down part, not so much. After all, that’s what moms are for.

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I have two bites on my left foot. When Maynard is sitting between my ankles, playing with his toys, and something scares him, he bites my left foot. The fright usually comes from Mike sitting down in his chair. Life with Parrots is a never-ending thrill a minute.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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