Go to Your Corners

I believe there’s a case of unrequited love in my very living room. My orange-front conure Dani, who is one of my special needs birds, has a crush on Sonny, another orange-front conure that is just staying with us for a few. . .years? http://animal-world.com/encyclo/birds/conures/peach.php

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Sonny came to us bonded to a sun conure named Mookie. The friend who asked us to board them for him made the decision to be homeless for a while, in the hopes that he could take them back in a few months. So far, I haven’t heard from him and I think he’s still on the streets. I expect to have these two fun birds a while longer.

Mookie is a real sweetheart. He takes real advantage of his out time, crawling all over the neighboring cages, and helps me feed the other birds. His position is Quality Control. So far he has approved of my offerings. If I am sitting in my comfy chair without Maynard out, Mookie will come and sit on me for a while. He steps up with ease and isn’t nippy. (Note: Mookie had a great time sculpting my tissue box into abstract art)

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Sonny, on the other hand, won’t step up unless you have a perch for him. He’s a bit nippy, and he’s hesitant to leave the cage unless there are sunflower seeds in it for him. He and Mookie don’t spend a lot of time together in their cage. Mookie likes to play in the cardboard boxes on the bottom of the cage. Sonny only goes into the boxes now and then. But at night, the two boys cuddle up, preen each other, and sleep together.

Due to the on-going massive cleaning of the bird room, all the conures are in the living room right now. As soon as Dani saw Sonny, she climbed around to the corner of her cage as close to him as she could get, and stared at him. I could almost see little hearts floating up from her. Sonny showed some interest, but he’s got a partner. He’s not the ambitious type.

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Hoping to encourage something between the two, I now have their cages next to each other. Dani has stayed in the corner closest to where Sonny perches almost all day. I think Sonny likes the admiration and attention, but I’d have to but Mookie somewhere else before things would take off there. And as I don’t know yet how long Sonny and Mookie will be with us, I just don’t want to make any permenant changes. For now, Dani will just have to moon over Sonny from her corner.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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