SHOES Must Be Worn at All Times

I love having people over to visit, to show off my flock and aviary, and hear their bird stories. It’s so much fun. But I have to caution people to keep their shoes on. Here are some of the reasons why. 

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1. For Bo Dangles, the toeless Congo African Gray, the game is a foot. She will bite any passing foot while kicking her stubs and laughing maniacally. As long as a person is wearing shoes, there’s not usually much damage. Now, Maynard the Double-Yellow Headed Amazon, only attacks anyone who isn’t me. And he has a time or two bitten through athletic shoes to actually pinch skin beneath. So we do enjoy the show when Mike comes home wearing his steel-toe work shoes. Attack all you want, crazy parrot bird! 2. My birds get out time. I don’t always get to follow around behind them to clean up the, er, side effects. None of my birds are trained to poo on command, or only in their cages. Sunny the Sun Conure came with an instinct of sorts to not poo on Mom. But everyone else thinks that’s sill. Fin and Jake most often poo on my shirt. If I see it, I will remove it. Sometimes Mike will hug me before I realize I have been marked. He’s never amused.

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Maynard gets to run about on the floor. He leaves his poo wherever he wants. I try to check the floor and rugs to clean these pit stops up. But I don’t always see them. I have a process for cleaning the dried poo from the floor when needed. I cut some sponges into smaller squares, soak them in soapy water, and put them over the dried poo. I give the sponge a little squeeze, so the water flows to the floor. I come back in a few minutes, and wipe the poo up. Simple, really.

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Jake also gets to fly about, and when he’s not pooing on me, he poos down Mike’s monitor or he poos on the floor under the lamp chain. We have one of those dining room lights that hangs by a chain. It’s Jake’s favorite perch, and so the table under it has to be inspected regularly for poo. He occasionally scores a hit on the floor, which is seen as a challenge by Maynard. Featured image

3. The birds in the living room like to hang on the sides of their cages and squirt poo out onto the rug. We have put down runners and protective carpets where they most often hit, so at least the main rug isn’t getting destroyed. But the protective rugs don’t get cleaned all that often. A brushing and vacuuming are the most I can manage there. And it feels like destroying a child’s art project. If I can live with it, visitors can keep their shoes on.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


One thought on “SHOES Must Be Worn at All Times

  1. Our African Grey also has a weird foot fetish and a mean bite. The ankle-biter in our house is our bird, not our dogs. My cockatoo loves to co-captain the computer with me, sitting on the monitor. He crapped so much down the back of my last one that it shorted out. My husband rigged a thin sheet-metal protective covering down the back and a cardboard crap-and-food-catcher under the front of the monitor.Now the bird and I are both happy, but it isn’t all that lovely to look at!

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