Canary Row

My canaries in the breeding cage have settled down and only try to kill one another about once a week. They have accepted that there’s no nest in there at this time. I probably should take the burlap down, but it’s so adorable to watch Rico remove a strand, and then check the perches over and over for a perfect place to start building.

I don’t want to breed them again until I have a bigger cage to put them in. They will need lots of exercise, especially Bubbles, to have the proper muscle tone for egg laying. At this time, the cage I am hoping for was lent to a friend before I even thought about having more canaries, so now I am waiting to see if it gets returned. If not, there is another cage outside that just needs some cleaning.

Featured image

The non-breeding canaries in the back room seem very happy with their cohort of zebra finches and one green singer finch. In fact, the healthier/younger of the two male canaries in there has been seen canoodling with the green singer. I’m impressed, as they once were terrified of each other. But again, there are no nests in there so I am not worried about hybrids at the moment.

The bird room cleaning project is moving forward, hampered mostly by the hot weather and my lack of motivation. Because as soon as I finish and put the birds back in, it will get all dirty again. I have nailed cloths to the walls so that I shouldn’t have to scrub them again, just take the fabric down, wash it, and hang it back up again. I hope to go with hooks and grommets in the future.

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I have learned another hard lesson that I must keep a better eye on the birds when they have out time. Lovebird Jake took a certain interest in Rico and Bubbles’s food supply. They are his upstairs neighbors, so he is very curious about them, and they have been known to peer down at him. Jake managed to bite Rico’s wing. Jake immediately lost out time privileges for the day and then next. I watched Rico, but he wasn’t bleeding and he just sat on a perch feeling sorry for himself.

A few hours later, after I had been doing chores in another part of the house, I checked him again. Holy Blood Bath, Batman! Rico’s wing, neck, and side were streaked in blood. Much to his dislike, I got a hold of him, took him to the bathroom for a good wash, applied peroxide and an antibiotic cream. The area where he had been bitten was very small, but it bothered him until he chewed at it and made it bleed more.

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Luckily the antibiotic cream has a topical pain reliever, and Rico stopped irritating the wound. I pulled his bath water and waited to be sure there was no more blood before letting them bath again.

Hope your summer has gotten off to a better start. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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