Summer Potpourri

Little Fin – I think a lovebird might be the only parrot that can suffer a disfiguring injury and still be cute. Maybe cuter. I look at Jake, trying to see what Fin might have looked like, but I love Fin’s always open mouth and funny walk. He’s odd and cute and such a little brat. He likes his new cage and he likes to spend time on his playground. But if I leave, even for a potty break, chances are good he will jump to the floor and try to follow me. He’s fast, and he’s quiet. No idea why he isn’t the usual noisy lovebird. He totally charmed my friend Carol at a recent party we held. He sat happily on her shoulder. When he got antsy, I said he likes to sit in pockets. Carol’s son David had a pocket. And Fin went right off to sleep. Carol will wear a shirt with pockets to our next party. I would gladly give Fin to her if she could have him, but their house has a nice cast of critters already.

Featured imageFeatured image

Maynard and the hot weather – Amazon parrots come from, strangely enough, South America, where the summers can be toasty. I have no idea if Maynard was snatched from a nest, or bred here in the States, but he seems to be less than thrilled with the heat. Every day about 4 PM he crawls up behind my comfy chair and spreads his wings just a little bit. If I don’t notice soon enough, he will pant a little. Usually about that time, I take him into the bedroom and let him play in the shoe rack. He has quite the foot fetish, and delights in throwing my shoes around while laughing maniacally. He then crawls behind the rack and under the dresser, trying to entice me to come lay eggs there. He coos and calls. At times I have had trouble getting him out from under there. But as soon as I show any signs of going into the shower, Maynard is out and heading into the bathroom. I didn’t know for sure if he liked going in the shower, as I didn’t give him a choice. With this consistent show of enthusiasm, I am pretty sure that’s a yes.

Featured imageFeatured image

So long, Birdies – When you have a lot of birds, and when your birds are with you for a long time, you will have a lot of birds passing on. Burying them would be a full time occupation. What we try to do is have a bonfire to mark the equinox or the solstice. We keep the little bodies in the freezer until the day, and then say good by to them all at once. The last couple years have been really odd, and we haven’t gotten to marking the proper days. So the freezer was nearly full, which made having friends over who wanted ice in their drinks a little awkward. So last Sunday, we puled up the dried wood, and sent the waiting birds off to the Rainbow Bridge. It’s always sad to see the loved ones, especially so many baby quail who look perfect and whole. At least now I have a better system for keeping the baby quail alive and warm. Farewell to all the little souls who brought us joy no matter how short the stay, and no matter how long they stayed, it was never long enough. The worst part now is waiting for the next bird to pass. May it be many days before the freezer has a new occupant.

Always something interesting going on at our house. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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