Imaginary Mail Bag for July

Now and then I create letters from my readers who would likely send me questions if they knew they could reach me at my.windroisaviaries at gmail dot com. If only there was a way to post that information somewhere. In the meantime, here are a couple of topics that come up repeatedly.

Q. With fifty birds of various types, you must have a lot of pretty feathers around, right?

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A. Must I? I used to have an outlet in the bird club, a very nice woman made jewelry from feathers. I’ve given away tons of the things to crafty people. But still I find them lying around, and I can’t just throw them away. Every single bowl, pencil cup, vase, and other things designed to hold stuff is filled with many feathers. Some are truly beautiful. I love Maynard’s long tail feathers, and Wraith’s even longer white-gray feathers. Both the CAGs give me pretty red tail feathers and lots of stout black-gray feathers. The cockatiels have the prettiest patterns and the budgies have the prettiest colors. Or maybe the sun conures do. Or maybe the Rosie Bourke does. I’ll get back to you on that.

Q. How can you live with all that noise?

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A. Do you have kids? How can you live with all that noise? My birds sleep through the night, with very rare exceptions. Night lights are key. Most of them go to sleep in the middle of the day, as well. They are sweetly chirping in the morning, calling good night at the end of the day. When you visit my home, you are an intruder into their world, and they will sound the alarm. Every bird in every room and outside will know that someone has entered the habitat. Other than that, they are an enjoyable background noise.

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Q. You mentioned you clean the floors daily to keep up with Maynard’s droppings as he walks around. Have you considered putting a bird diaper on him?

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A. Bird diapers, or flight suits, were once thought to be harmful for parrots, causing them to hold in their poop and become constipated. I have read that further study shows this not to be the case. Checking Google images, the majority of the birds in the diapers are CAGs, budgies, cockatoos, cockatiels, lovebirds, macaws, ringnecks, ecclectuses, and poultry. I see maybe one Amazon in a diaper. I believe this is a simple self-preservation trend. I might be able to get the device on Maynard once. He would rip it to shreds, and he would laugh as he did so. He would never let me near him with one again, without extracting his payment in a pound of flesh. While that sounds like a great weight-loss plan, it really isn’t.

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Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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