The Cast of Characters

I know I spend lots of blog time raving about my sweet Amazon Maynard, missing my adorable lovebird Jake, and discovering fun things with lovebird Fin. I have given some time to Bobo, the special needs CAG. But we have so many funny and entertaining birds in our flock, I just want to share them with you today.

Featured image

Dani – She’s our broken bird, a little orange front conure with serious spine curvature along with splayed legs. She can’t perch, but she clings to the side of her cage and gets around very well. Her advantages are that she tends to poop in the corners of the cage, so cleaning up is easy, and she loves to chew up wood. I have mentioned before that she likes to sleep on her back on the bottom of her cage. I put a layer of cardboard down on the grate, and two fluffy hand towels over that. Dani likes to grab the top towel and roll up in it. But since I have been retired and home, I noticed something that just tickles me. At 2 or so in the afternoon, I retire to my chair in the livingroom to read for a while. Dani goes down to her towels, and naps while I am in the room. She obviously feels very safe and comfortable while I am close by.

Wraith – I am honored to have such a beautiful, intelligent bird in my care as this light gray Indian Ringneck Parakeet. He stopped being tame as soon as we got him home, which I understand is not unusual for ringnecks. He’s two years old, and I want to breed him, but I am very picky about the female for him. So in the mean time, I am working with Wraith to see if we can recover his human connection. We clipped his wings, and now I open his cage door at the same time the cockatiels and sun conures in the front room have out time. So far, Wraith is just not interested. He did get all the way to the edge of the door, and didn’t get too upset when I walked by. But then it was the weekend and he didn’t get out time. Today, he stayed inside. I have hopes. I also read somewhere that IRPs react to a person sticking their tongue out at them, over and over. It’s true with Wraith! When I do it, he comes right over. He says “Wraaaaaith” and “Pretty bird” and preens my hair. I hope he will build on this and take sunflower seeds from me.

Featured image

Sunny and Zazu – Speaking of sunflower seeds, if Sunny and Zazu could order their own food, they would probably eat nothing but those. Well, Sunny would like a slice of banana now and then. When I can, I spend time feeding them these treats through the cage bars. Zazu wants to take my face off, so I can’t get too complacent with him. Sunny is sweetness itself if she is away from Zazu. She can’t help it, she’s in love. The best thing in the world is watching them preen each other at the end of a long, hot day.

Mookie and Sonny – These two foster birds should be going back to their original owner in a couple months. They have been with me for about a year while the gentleman they love took a year to be homeless. He’s now in the position of getting help for a mobile home rental, and once that happens, sun conure Mookie and orange front conure Sonny will be reunited with him. I am a little sad to see them go, they have been so sweet and loving to me. They step up, let me kiss them, and talk to me while I am in their area. But they belong with their bonded human. He came to the bird club meeting last Friday, and asked me to bring them along. Mookie climbed onto one shoulder, Sonny to the other. In fact, Sonny took a nap. He was so happy to be where he belonged. When my friend had to leave, he put them back in the carrier, and they called and called for him. I opened the carrier, but they would not come out for me. There’s no doubt in my mind, they will be happy ever after when they get to go home.

Featured image  Not the new bird, but an incredibly lifelike simulation.

New Blue Parakeet – Fortune is a fickle thing. I lost my blue lovebird Jake, and put up fliers all over the place. That’s how the woman who found his body knew to call me with the bad news. But a week after that, another kind woman called from a high school, saying there was a blue bird in the dugout at the baseball game, very tame, and she was sure it looked just like my bird. I knew it wasn’t going to be Jake. But still, a little what if danced around both my thoughts and Mike’s. I told him, “It’s going to be a blue parakeet.” Because lets face it, not that many birds are blue. Blue budgies are common. Sure enough, one of the players came out with the bird in his hand, a sweet blue and white parakeet. We brought him home and put up ads for a Found bird. So far, no one will admit to having lost him.

He’s a character, trying to tunnel out of the cage, any way he can. He threw most of his food out when it was in a clear bowl, so I changed to an opaque on and have better results. We will wait until tomorrow to see if anyone claims him, then he will be thrown into our flock. Mike named him Cyanara. Cyan for the beautiful color he is, and -nara because he said good bye to his last place of residence. I should consider Mike a character, too!

As I have been writing this, Maynard is walking around throwing a penny on the floor, over and over. And laughing like a loon. I am going to go check to see if it’s landing heads all the time. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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