Give up birds or give up puns, it would be a hard call. There’s talk going around the bird breeder community with which I am in contact that this has not been a good year for breeding. I had a couple dozen eggs spread between two nest boxes, not bad for two pair. But after three weeks with no chicks, I candled the eggs and wept. No signs of life.

Featured image Happier times past.

My violet lovebird pair, proven and always good producers, won’t even go in the nest box. I hope it is due to the heat, and that once things cool off, they’ll get busy. They also have new neighbors, and are the only lovebirds outside. I don’t know if that is an issue. I have one friend waiting for a handfed lovie and I would like a Jake replacement.

Featured image  Breeding cage prior to occupation by lovebirds

The two pair of budgies next to the purps (violet lovebird nickname) also haven’t gone into the nest boxes, but an egg did appear in the bottom of the cage. So close!

I’ve yet to set up my finches with nest boxes. I use Asian food take-out boxes with holes cut front and back for ventilation and the bail used as the hanger. There’s a tutorial we made up some time ago, I’ll have to see if I can find it and link to it. (Found it!

Featured image

Sunny, my 15 year old sun conure, lays eggs now and then. Sometimes we take them away, sometimes we let her keep them so she might give up. I know she and Zazu are bonded but I don’t know if they know what to do together. I would be so thrilled if they had a chick. But several times when she’s laid eggs, Sunny has come close to dying, or at least looking like she was checking out. Every time, it scares the heck out of me. No matter how much calcium I give her, she’s just not a young hen anymore.

Featured image

I’m checking the aviary daily to see if the new button quail have settled in enough to lay eggs. So far, nothing going there. But the lone male, Snow, is certainly a happy camper, following his harem around and not crying out his lonely call.

At least if I don’t get many chicks to hand feed this summer, I have agreed to help a friend when she goes to Hawaii in September. She has a blue and gold macaw, an African grey, and two double yellow headed Amazon chicks that won’t be weaned yet, and I volunteered to feed them while she is gone. All I want in payment are some lovebird chicks. Is that asking for so much?

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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