Fin Sinister

My violet mutation peach face lovebird, Fin, was badly injured when he flew onto a cage and a larger bird bit him. He already had issues with his toes not pointing in the correct direction. His injury made it impossible for him to eat regular food, and we had to clip his wings because he wasn’t smart enough to stay away from those very same parrots.

So for Fin, out time generally consists of running around on my keyboard. He does spend some time on his cage top, where he can hold on pretty well, while he flaps his wings. He can climb down the side of the cage to his play stand, too. There are things there that he likes to chew on, and a nice rope to perch on. He can climb up the ladder and get back to the cage top, or he can walk on a rubbery fabric laid out just past his cage and come back to the keyboard.

Featured image  Fin with his new playmate, Tekla

Fin’s out times are usually in the morning and then again in the evening. He eats breakfast with me, which is a bowl of cereal, nonfat milk, and blueberries. Fin will drink some of the milk, play with a blueberry, and once in a while, he will crunch the cereal. Once the thought it would be a good idea to take a bath in the milk. Sigh. He’s not much for baths. Fin hates it when I plunk him in a sink and give him a good scrub. Or on hot days like today when I spray him down. But it gains me a half hour or so while he preens so I can write.

Fin also likes to perch on my shoulders sometimes. And he likes to run down my back and snuggle into the space between my seat and my, er, seat. I have a jacket on the back of the chair that would normally be put away until winter. But he makes a little pocket in it, and chews on the cloth.

Featured image  Baby Fin before the accident.

When he is on the keyboard, however, it’s hard to type around him. I end up playing games that only use my mouse to play. It’s so hard to disturb him when he’s snuggled up in my left hand.

Featured image Still cute, even missing his upper beak.

A few days ago, I realized that he only snuggles into my left hand. And if I move my right hand off of my mouse, he’ll scream and attack my fingers. He doesn’t have much of a beak, but he has muscles around what he has. He can get vicious with it, given cause. Like me moving my hand.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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