Summer Goes Out in a Blaze

In Southern California, the end of August and beginning of September are often the hottest days of the year. Today the temp got up to 101 degrees f by 1:00 PM. Inside, it stayed a sultry 94. Looks like a thunderstorm is heading in and the rain is bringing the temp down a bit. As I write this, the sun should be setting in another couple hours, so there’s a chance things will cool off tonight enough for me to sleep.

Today my exercise consisted of running around with a water bottle spraying the poor parrots. The finches and canaries didn’t seem to mind, but my African gray Bobo was a little gray puddle on a shelf in her cage.Featured image

The cockatiels love being sprayed. They entertain me while I bring them some comfort. They like to lean way forward on the perches, heads down, and wings spread, so the water sprays them everywhere. When my hand gives up, they preen and shake and just seem more happy than any other birds that I get wet.

Featured image

I worry most about my outside birds. The doves seem to be fine and do not like to be sprayed at all. The lovebirds, budgies, and cockatiels all have splash water dishes so they can get wet as needed. The button quail don’t like to bath in water. They have a dish of sand to take dust baths and I just love to watch them doing it.

Featured image

A few years ago, we set up extra hoses and stand misters to keep the aviary birds cooler. I wish they still worked. But the drawbacks were that the brass nozzles corrode and have to be replaced every year, and that the seed on the ground of the aviary starts to stink and get moldy.

Featured image

Oh, sure, we could have removed the brass nozzles at the end of the year and stored them in an oil or something to prevent corrosion. And I could shovel out the dampened area of the aviary more often. And I could find free parrots on the internet. Oh, wait.

Featured image

No, my excuse is that California is in the middle of a drought right now, and pouring extra water out daily sounds like a bad idea. A costly idea. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park can get away with it, but not a simple homeowner. Not saying there’s anything bad with the Park doing that. Their birds and animals a lot more expensive and often rare than my flock. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that we all survive the rest of summer.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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