Zoo Parrots

I have a birthday in September, and so with my wonderful husband, went off to visit the San Diego Zoo. I am a zoo nut. I love both that park and what used to be the Wild Animal Park, now the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I do not love being around herds of senseless people in the heat, but that’s a small price to pay for animals, animals, everywhere animals!

Featured imageFeatured image

We spent some time near the scarlet macaws that were posted and I mean that literally, posted outside the Children’s Zoo. They are so beautiful and love to be the center of attention. They played a game we called Twig Tag where one would chew off a strip of wood, the other would give chase, and they would play tug with it until they each ended up with a part. Amazingly quiet birds, too.

We could not get a good photo of the nest box with the African grey parrots in the Scripps Aviary. But it was so cool to see them in there. I know, I can see CAGs anytime I wish to, but mine don’t nest. They can’t even cohabitate in the same cage. Bobo pulls Io’s tail feathers and laughs while he screams.

Some of my favorite little green parrots are hanging parrots from tropical Asia. The zoo has a nice collection of them, and they look happy. I didn’t think to ask for photos but we have some from another trip to Fallbrook, to the Hidden Forest. http://gaminiratnavira.com/

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No one could miss the Black Casque hornbills. They were, indeed, calling back and forth, being noisy and loving at the same time. Mike and I tried to imitate the noise the female made, and she gave us such a look. No one is gonna take her boy away from her anytime soon.

Featured imageFeatured image

Flamingos, of course, are about the first birds you will see when you enter the zoo. We were lucky to spot some fluffy grey youngsters, too. There are at least three different places to view flamingos now, not just the one. And the smell has improved.

Featured image

Cute aside, there is a huge fig tree to the left of the flamingo pond. The fruit had fallen and was being trampled by tourists. I watched a pair of mallard ducks run along the sidewalk, scooping up as much of the fruit as they could in one go. Waste not, want not.

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I spent a few minutes looking at the statue of King Tut, the cockatoo who used to be there greeting visitors for 65 years.. http://articles.latimes.com/1990-12-31/local/me-5584_1_king-tut-s-replacement His death came at a very sad time for the Zoo, but they have survived and thrived, and helped many other species of animals do the same. Whatever you think about zoos, the San Diego Zoo sets a high standard. I am proud to be a native Californian, a native of the county of San Diego, and a long time supporter of the zoo.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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