A Different Way to Lose a Lovebird

Ask anyone familiar with Agapornis roseicollis and you will hear that the best pet lovebird is a single lovebird. As soon as you put two lovies together, you will be pushed out, even if the first lovie is closely bonded to you.

I never got to see that with Jake, because he would not tolerate another lovebird around me. Heck, he wouldn’t tolerate any bird around me. He tried to challenge Maynard once! No matter how much I wanted all my birds to get along with each other, I wasn’t willing to risk a fight between the two of them.

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No matter how careful one is, accidents happen. Little Fin was damaged when I let him get too close to a bigger bird, and Jake got out and subsequently was killed when I didn’t notice him on my shoulder when I left the house. Grief passes, we never forget, but life does go on.

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My dear friend who let me sit with her baby birds obtained a sweet lovebird about whom I have raved on Facebook. This little baby is sweet, not bitey at all, and while not ready to sit on my shoulder and cuddle, she may learn to do that some day.

I named her Tekla. She is everything I could ask for in a friend for Fin. She preens him. She lets him chew on her wings to the best of his ability. She helps him find the good seeds in the cups. She loves to chew on his feet. And she feeds him sometimes. The fabled mutual preening and sitting side by side at every given moment is wonderful. I expect that to grow as Tekla matures. Right now, she likes to go climb on other cages, on the table, and anywhere she can get to without me seeing her.

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Smart as a whip, this girl! Already she knows when bedtime comes, she has to go into the cage. If I stand up to look for her because she’s not up on the play top, she’ll pop up and start making her way back from wherever she was. She also has learned very quickly that if she falls to the carpet, to go to the ladder and climb back up to the table.

Fin, however, is changing. He’s about six months old now, just sexually mature for a lovie. He’s started pleasuring himself on his in the cage ladder. But that’s not the biggest change. His attitude toward me is amusing. He no longer spends most of his time cuddled up in my hand or on my shoulder. In the morning, he still comes out and eats breakfast with me. When that’s over, he’s off to see his girl.

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If I reach into the cage, he runs over to attack me. Yes, attack me! He bites really hard and chirps at me in a voice of outrage. I am no longer welcome in his abode. My little boy is all growed up.

Much as I loved having Fin as my always dependable snuggle bird, for him and his happiness, I am thrilled that Tekla has won his heart. I do hope she turns out to be a girl bird. The business with the ladder has given me evidence that Fin is a boy. Will I let them raise a family together? With such sweet personalities, I would just love that. But not yet. I don’t like to breed any birds until they are at least a year old. Hens die much too soon if they are started too young and don’t have close supervision on the number of clutches each year.

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For now, it’s Tekla and Fin, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Ain’t love grand?

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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