These are the Jokes, Folks

While making the rounds to clean and refill water bowls and tubes for my flock, I sometimes try to go too fast, and spill water on the floor. I alert my husband with, “Careful, I puddled in the kitchen.” To which he has often replied, “Next time you will make it to the bathroom.”

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We named our Indian Ringneck Parakeet Wraith because we both love Lord of the Rings. Ring Wraiths. Yes, we went there. Mike named our found parakeet Cyanara because she’s blue and she constantly tried to escape the cage. I named my little lovebird Fin because I wanted to be finished handfeeding for the season.

Our toeless Congo African grey is named Bo Dangles because she loves to dangle from the top of her cage. The blind CAG is named Io from Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and the god known as Blind Io. It’s like a sickness, we can’t help making some puns. We have a pun quota, and our record is pretty good at meeting it. Of course, we do end up using the same puns regularly, but there’s no rule against that.

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We talk about relocating some day to a part of the world that is cooler most of the time. We will have to get the flock out of here. Our canaries are named after opera singers. One is Bubbles and one is Rico. We got a pair of gray singing finches. They are named Jane (gray) and Marc (singer).

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I was hand feeding a pair of white eyed conures last week. One was weaned and the other had not accepted being totally on his own for food. The only way to tell them apart was that the weaned on didn’t bob its head when I brought the food in. So of course the unweaned one was nicknamed Bobbers.

I have to be careful with the names for the outside birds. One of the dove offspring never got one leg in the proper position, so she could not perch. She would lay on the bottom of the cage or on top of the nest box. I knew she didn’t have a chance of survival, if she had been in the wild. I didn’t know what to do with her. I really should have brought her inside, but that seemed bad when her parents were still feeding her. I jokingly called her Squab. A neighborhood cat or raccoon or skunk apparently found her very appetizing.

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All in all, a good sense of humor helps with the constant changes in the tiny lives that come to know us. We can smile and share a joke when we think of those darling birds who were once our friends.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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