Things I Never Thought I Would Say

Stop chewing on Daddy’s dirty work pants. You don’t know where they have been.

You must have liked the broccoli, you didn’t throw it on the floor. Too bad about the corn.

Not too much pasta, you already look like a green Goodyear blimp.

Can parrots have beans? Will it make him fart?

I don’t want a cracker, you’re my cracker.

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Stop calling for help, Maynard. We can’t afford a parrot psychologist.

Be nice to the baby, he’s bigger than you. Well, he will be some day.

No, milk is not a suitable bath liquid. Out!

Sorry about the tail feathers. I’ll keep them in case you need them later.

It’s just a love bite. Ow. Apparently his love for me is really strong.

Tekla can’t decide if she loves Fin more than Cyan. It’s a small parrot love triangle.

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You can’t have any of this. It might kill you, and I am not done with you yet.

Keep flapping until the sun goes down, will you?

That? Oh, just bird poop. It’s considered a blessing. Somewhere.

Fin’s communing with the canaries. Like, Hi, neighbor. What do you get to eat?

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Tekla has a budgie on the side.

Green carpet on which little green parrots are running around is not the best idea ever.

She loves to splash in her water dish, but she panics if I put her in the sink for a bath.

Right now his favorite toy is a bit of rope.

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Happy Hatch Day!

I keep forgetting to put the Aviagra in their food.

Do I want another parrot? Oh, yes I do. Will I get another parrot? Not if I want to stay married.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Thursday.

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