I had a bad summer as far as egg laying went. My cockatiels are just not in the mood. My violet lovebirds didn’t think it was time yet. And the canaries want better quarters in which to raise their young.

The bright spot is my budgies. I wish I knew more about genetics, but my white hen and her green mate have three* beautiful blue chicks about to fledge. They are stunning to me, delightful and varied. Two have charcoal colored lines on their wings, and the youngest has black lines. The youngest is also a different shade of blue than its clutch-mates. I will keep them until I can tell if they are male or female, so I can see if Cyanara likes one to be her (yes, pretty sure she’s female) mate.

Featured image  The best shot we could get of the three anxious chicks, first time being out of the nest box.

But wait, there’s more! While out checking on the baby budgies, I noticed one of the violet lovebirds was not in sight all the time. I waited to be sure I could see the whole cage and sure enough only one lovie at a time could be seen. Carefully, I opened the nest box, and viola! An egg! So excited, so happy, can’t wait to see how many they lay this time and how many hatch. Just love it.

Featured image

I’ll be cleaning the brooder soon and getting it set up so that I can pull the babies and hand feed them. I miss having a dozen lovebirds sometimes, but what I have now are just enough. Might let the parents raise one and find him or her a mate, since the folks are getting old by lovebird standards. I’d like to retire them with full benefits soon, for a job well done.

Hold on! That’s not the last of the good news! Okay, this one is definitely counting my chickens before they have hatched, but it’s too exciting. My new button quail hens are laying eggs! I counted two, and by now there could be a few more. They are young, so I am hoping one of them will have the instinct soon to gather up the eggs into a safe place and then sit tight.

Featured image

Another reason to have the brooder ready, is that the button quail chicks don’t do well in the aviary. Moms are not very attentive, and then Dad gets tired of the kids, and goes crazy on them. So as soon as I see any chicks, I’ll scoop them all up into a brooder to keep them warm, feed them and give them water they can’t drown in, and with luck raise a few. I have had one successful clutch some years ago, and rehomed most of them. My favorite baby became a threat to the other male and was eliminated. Lesson learned the hard way.

Featured image

Whatever happens with these chicks and eggs, this moment of refreshed hope and joy will last a long time. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

*Sadly, one of the budgie chicks was injured and then fell victim to the ants.  Don’t know if this is a case of the mice attacking, or if the parents were trying to clear the nest for the next clutch.  I pulled the box and have the three survivors in a brooder now.


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