Clowns of a Higher Order

On my Facebook page, everyone knows I love birds. They have heard about my flock, my tragedy and my triumphs. So whenever someone finds a video of a parrot being entertaining, they post it on my feed. If I don’t get the same video 5 times, I feel neglected. So I wanted to share with you lucky readers all of those wonderful videos. The famous Indian Ringneck phrase, Give us a kiss? Is used to advantage in this sweet clip.

Featured image

Marnie is the best example of a ringneck that has been well socialized.

Cody is the original Peek-a-boo bird.

But this cockatoo, Pickle, is darn cute.

Featured image

Harley the cockatoo loves to destroy things and sing into cups.

The dead rats are my favortie from crazy.

Pepperoni the African grey is entertaining.

Featured image

Caiques are some of the most comical and entertaining parrots you can find. This little one found a paper towel on the floor, and became an internet sensation.

Featured image

Lovebirds can be silly, too, but the shredding of paper is part of nesting behavior. In the wild, this is how peachface lovies carry grass and twigs back to the nest. Has nothing to do with liking a longer tail. Silly human!

Well, that ought to hold you for a while. Did I miss any of your favorite videos? Let me know. Also let me know if any of these are ones you really like. Thanks for reading, and watching, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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