Budgie Babysitter

Losing lovebird Jake in July hit me hard, a tragedy that seemed insurmountable at the time. Yet as always, there have been patchwork silver linings to help with the pain and loss. Not that I ever will forget the moment when I knew I had lost him. But someday I won’t cry at the memory.

One patch of silver is that I have closure, because someone called me to say they had seen his body. I’d be a total wreck if I had to go on not knowing what happened to him. Always expecting him to be found and returned.

Another is that my dear friend knew I wanted another lovebird, and located and got my sweet little Tekla. This friend has had a lot of tragedy in her own life lately, and I wish I could return the favor. The best I can do is willingly listen when she is having bad days.

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Tekla is such a gem. She has bonded with my injured lovie, Fin, and preened all the odd little growths off his face where his beak should be. His feathers on his head have grown back because she preens for him, so he doesn’t rub them off on whatever surface is available. And they are exploring the whole mating thing. Neither seems sure who should be doing what, so I am hoping things work out for them without me having to show them any embarrassing clips of lovebirds mating.

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And a silver lining that keeps growing steadily is what I really want to write about today. Someone saw my lost bird poster and called me to say my bird was in a dugout at a local high school. This was after I knew Jake was deceased, so I didn’t get too worked up. And as most blue birds are budgies, I was pretty sure we were being called about a parakeet.

Yup. A pretty blue and white budgie came home with us. After a week of no response to the found bird information, Cyan Nara became a part of the flock. She and Tekla get along really well. I’ve let Tekla go inside Cyan’s cage, with lots of happy interactions. Tekla goes at least daily to sit on top of Cyan’s cage and commune with her fellow recent addition.

Now for a bit of sad news that I have shared before, of the four budgie chicks in the nest box outside, I found one killed and covered in ants a week ago. Thinking clearly about this situation, I think I should have provided more nest boxes so that the other pair of budgies would not have felt the need to clear out the only nest available. Even though they had not used the nest when they were the sole occupants of the cage.

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I brought the three survivors inside and hand fed them for a few days. The oldest chick really didn’t want formula, and was eating a decent amount of millet and seed on its own. The middle chick would take some, but also had a pretty full crop from eating on its own. Only the baby took the formula happily.

I then had a chunck of silver lining smack me in the face. I wanted to find a companion for Cyan of her own kind. So I stuck the two oldest chicks in her cage. At first, she was a bit scared of the new birds. But as soon as they decided she was “Mom” and begged to be fed, she stepped right in and began to feed them. Two days later and I decided to put the baby in as well. I want to keep putting baby into the brooder at night, but as this day sitting relieves me of a huge task, I am just as happy as can be.

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In the wake of tragedy, a silver lining might just be how you look at events ever after. I’m glad I found a practical application for this one. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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